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my stomach ach wont go away!.....?

i'm lactose n tolerant and i had a milkshake yesterday so all day today (this is kinda gross) i have been having diarrhea. like at least 4 times today. but that isn't relieving my stomach ache. is there any way i can make this horrid stomach go away?

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    take immodium.

    Source(s): thats what i do
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    Not gross, I went 4 times this evening after the lactose in Nurofen capsules irritated me! Try peppermint tea and a hot water bottle.

    Source(s): I'm Lactose Intolerant x
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  • 3 years ago

    you will have a migraine headache. Migraines can very final for serveral days, can ease up and then worsen as quickly as extra. in case you had any muscle aches to your neck, migraine could be seen. rigidity in neck muscle tissues on the backside of the back of cranium can reason pinched nerves in an attempt to require healing from a well being care provider. therapy could be an injection of lydocaine and steroids into the neck muscle tissues on the backside of the cranium. they're particularly painful besides the incontrovertible fact that sturdy worth it if the headache is going away.

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  • John L
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    Take Lomotil tablets, charcoal tablets and drink more warm water to replace lost fluid. If you can, make rice water (boil a little rice in plenty of water) and drink it.

    Avoid all cold and acidic drinks, drink only hot ones.

    Be blessed

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    go buy the pills , stick them up your anal or make someone do it for you. and wait about 20 minutes & it pulls everything down .

    & im being serious go to the nearest pharmacy. and pick one up its called Glycerin Suppositories

    Source(s): same thing happend to me , So mee.
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