Western Washington University, University of Montana, University of Idaho, or California State-Sacramento?

I have been accepted to all of the schools above and I'm trying to decide which one to choose to go to. I am an undecided major, so that doesn't factor in (they all offer programs I'm interested in though.)

Which do you think is the best pick?

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  • 10 years ago
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    I live in Idaho, so I'm quite familiar with all of these.

    Without a doubt Univ. of Montana is the best in Academics. Univ. of Idaho is the next best.

    However, the Montana campus is very boring. Honestly, there's no exciting city around and you have to travel a while to get to the nearest ski hill. however, Moscow Idaho is very beautiful and I surrounded with mountains and beautiful sights. There are several ski hills and hiking trails and lakes.

    If you want accademics, go to Montana.

    If you want fun, go to Moscow Idaho.

    Source(s): Idahoan
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