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What is your dream family? Baby names...?

Add as much detail as you like.

I'll post mine after :D


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  • Liv
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    10 years ago
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    I would be married to my wonderful husband Logan James Black [Black being the last name], who has blonde hair and blue eyes. We met in college at Yale, and then we moved to NYC, and then shortly after marrying and honeymooning in Greece, we'd move to Texas.

    First I would have fraternal twins, two boys. They would be born full term and healthy.

    The eldest would be named Eli Casper, Casper after my grandfather. He would have brown, almost red hair and brown eyes. He would be into sports, and would be amazing at football. He'd get a scholarship to Florida State University for Football. From there he'd go on to play for the Dallas Cowboys. In college he'd meet a wonderful girl named Anna became a doctor. They would have one son named Casper James and two years after she is born, a daughter named Anna Lane. -- 4 years old.

    The other twin is named Nathaniel Logan, nicknamed Nate. He would be interested in acting and modeling from an early age, and the camera would love him with his blue, blue eyes and light brown hair. He would get his first acting job on a TV show at age 5, and stay with the show until age 12. From there, he'd work on movies, until landing a TV show at age 24. There, he would meet, fall in love with, and marry the fashion designer on set, a beautiful young lady named Lena, who has curly black hair and green eyes. They would have one daughter named Ruby Annabel, with curly black hair and blue eyes, and then adopt a little girl from Spain, who they name Libby Estella.

    Three years after the twins are born, I'd give birth to my first daughter. Her name would be Alexandria Genevieve, Genevieve after my best friend. She'd be known as Alex. She would always be singing and dancing, and after watching what her brother got to go through, she'd want to be a singer. She'd be signed with the at age 13 Disney Channel, and even though she wouldn't be an actress, she'd get a TV show, and be a singer. She would have curly blonde hair and blue eyes, and would be beautiful. At age 17 she'd break away from Disney and become a "serious" singer. She'd marry her manager, Liam when she's 23, and he is 36. Shortly after they would have a son who they would name Wes Quentin. -- 5 years old.

    Two years later the last twins would come along. They would be identical this time, two girls. They'd both have curly blonde hair.

    The eldest would be named Lucy Olivia. She would be a sporty girl and get very involved in gymnastics. She'd stay away from the call of fame, like her older siblings, and get very good at gymnastics. She'd go to college and become a chiropractor and coach gymnastics. She'd marry a FBI agent named Daniel. They would have one daughter named Paige Danielle.

    The other twin would be named Mila Josephine. She'd be sporty like Lucy, but play soccer. She'd also be a swimmer, but would be much more focused on her studies than her other siblings. After graduating from Yale and writing her first novel, she'd marry a surgeon named Adam. They'd have twins named Josephine Olivia and Juliet Victoria, and then three years later a son named Parker Jameson.

    Lucy and Mila: -- Age 3.

    So I'd have "Eli, Nate, Alex, Lucy, and Mila."

    Children-in-law "Anna, Lena, Liam, Daniel, and Adam."

    And grandchildren "Ruby, Libby, Wes, Paige, Jos, Jules, Parker."





    Josephine and Juliet:


  • 4 years ago

    at 17: Attend UCLA and go into Film Studies at 22: Graduate and get my first job at 26: Make it into the DGA and start making films and assisting at 27: Marry the man of my dreams! at 28: Have my first baby, a boy named William Oliver at 32: Make a hit movie and become a household name for my work at 34: Have twins, a boy and a girl, Isabelle Rose and Jonah Aaden at 36: Have a little girl, Amelia Charlotte at 40: Buy a house on the Hollywood Hills at 45: Travel the world with my husband and kids at 50: "Retire" to a big house on the ocean So I'd have Liam, Bella, Jonah, and Mia! :) I never want to retire. Maybe a year or two break in there, but retiring isn't on my agenda! :)

  • Since it's a dream... I want 4 kids, minimum. I always wanted a LARGE family, with like, 8, 10, 12 kids...or more. Yes, just a dream. It's not going to happen! My 10 kids would be named (if they had to be named right this second)..

    Elliott Ryan

    Neal Dawson

    Reid Matthew

    Jack Aaron

    Charles Raymond

    Penelope Rose (Rose from my name--though I love it for a first name!)

    Fiona Kathleen

    Carmen Guinevere

    Naomi Lauren

    Audrey Diane

    We'd have loads of pets and live in the country, not too far from the city though.


  • 10 years ago


    3 Girls and 2 boys:)

    Summer Lynn or Holly Grace

    Samantha Juliet or Gabriella Alexandree (i no alexandree is a bit weird but i like it!)

    Stella Marie or Mia Marie


    Hunter Michael or Jacob Michael

    Carter Jordan or Dylan Daniel

    order born:

    Summer or Holly (1st)

    Carter or Tyler (2 yrs later)

    Sammy or Gabi (2 year later)

    Hunter or Jake (3 yrs later)

    Stella or Mia (3 years later)

    i would probally have mt 1st kid at 24 yrs old, cuz i want to get married at 22.


    Collie: Minna

    yorkies: rocky, brutus, bella

    maltese: tonya

    yellow lab: Sparkey

    black lab: Zoey

    chocalate lab: Angel

    german shepard: Matchie


    Simese: Smokey

    black: chandler and salem

    tabby: aurora and amy

    mixed: dottie

    tht would be a crazy house!

    Source(s): i love these questions!!!!! they r soo great!
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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Samantha Riley

    Isabella Rose

    Jayden Matthew

    Caleb James

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I want to have 3-4 kids, going in the order of boy girl boy girl. I want the boy first because I always wanted a big brother to protect me. The first boy would be named Cayden Alexzander. Then, the first girl will be Jasey Rae. The next boy will be Avery Matthew. The youngest girl will be named Riley Lyric. I'm big into music and would love to see my kids in bands or at least play an instrument, such as guitar or drums. I love to sing as well and hope that my kids will enjoy singing too.

  • AJ 234
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    10 years ago

    Harper Grace

    Ezra James

    Clara Jane

    Holden Matthew

  • I have 2 already but want 1 or 2 more

    Toby Joseph Isaac

    Anise Lilly Jasmin

    Callista Anya Gabrielle

    Dominic Oliver Allan

  • 10 years ago

    Eleanor Grace

    Annabelle Jane

    Violet Claire

    Miles Lee

  • 10 years ago

    I'd like 6

    Madeleine Claire

    Annabelle Maya & Samuel Thomas

    William Andrew

    Charlotte Amelia & Cassandra Lily

    Maddie, Anna, Sam, Liam, Carly & Cassie


  • 10 years ago

    I want 4 kids, three boys named Bentley Alexander, Jeremy Peter and Derek James and a girl named Amelia Ray.

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