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Keller Grad School of Management?

I'm a student majoring master of accounting and financial management at Keller Grad School of Management. This is kind of career change for me and studying full time now. Actually I got a master's degree in IT area 5 years ago.

I've seen some negative posts about job opportunities of this school but the school has NCA accreditation. Is this only effective in North Central? Employers of North Central usually don't value master's degree with this accreditation?

I'm also thinking to change to UCLA Extension since it's much cheaper. But it's just certificate, even no need to have bachelor degree. I was wondering which has better job opportunities. It seems keller has bad reputation but it's still master's degree accredited by an organization recognized by the United States Department of Education. Is it still worthier than certificate from UCLA Extension?


I was also thinking

Concordia University


Brandman University

Both seem non-profit and tuitions are much cheaper. And the time for enrollment is flexible. They have accreditation in this region. Keller's is regionally in North Central.

I was wondering which one employers value best.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I don't know what state you live in, but I do know that the Keller school has a very good reputation in Wisconsin. Like any school, there are always some people who are not happy with the experience.

    As for its accreditation, North Central accreditation does get a bad rap in some circles. However, many colleges and universities are accredited by them. For example, all campuses of the University of Wisconsin, all technical colleges in WI and most private not-for-profit schools like Marquette University.

    Remember -- you get you pay for. I don't know anything about the UCLA Extension program but if you are statisfied with Keller, stay there and get your degree. Good luck!

    Source(s): I worked for over 19 years at WI regulatory agency that regulated Keller. I don't recall them every having any student complaints against them.
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    4 years ago

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