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What is the sections of mathematics i need to understand quantum field theory problems?

Good evening .I asked this question to physicist but there is not satisfy answer i think i find good answer from mathematics teacher,please this answer is very important to me thank you for your help

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    Quantum mechanics can be formulated in two equivalent ways:

    One approach uses matrices (matrix mechanics) and you must study Linear Algebra.

    The other approach uses partial differential equations, which follow advanced calculus.

    Matrices came first, but to read any modern work I think you will need the partial differential equations.

    As you move up, you will need more abstract algebra. Lie algebras, which marry linear algebra with differential equations becomes important.

    That gives you something to start looking at.

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    there is not any thank you to truly understand QFT, additionally each and every so often regularly occurring as "2d quantization," and not utilising an intensive understand-how of first quantization, no. My very own sought after e book on QFT is "Quantum container thought in a Nutshell" by using A. Zee.

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