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Why did ps3 make it have like a HDD to download games to ps3 ? If they made the games disc like the old days nintendo did, nobody could pirate it because it's only playable for ps3 and the disc is not CD or HDD downloadable. Are they thinking that buying ps3 is the way to earn money for them and not making pirating impossible, because if they have to buy all the games less people will buy ps3 ?

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    Your question is logically confusing.

    The ps3 isn't like the ps2 or a pc, you can't pirate games whether they're on disc or not. Including downloadable games.

    Unlike earlier consoles, the ps3 is run by a networked OS that constantly updates itself. This is the only OS that can run on a ps3, because of "root keys" in the cpu that only Sony knows. Even if there were another OS, only the native XMB can sign in to PSN and download anything. Most games require signing in to PSN. Even if someone made a custom firmware, installing it would destroy your ps3 since it wouldn't be able to use PSN anymore. Or sync trophies. Only play games offline. So it will probably never happen.

    Disc-based games aren't so safe from piracy anyhow. The ps2 was modded all kinds of different ways. So was the xbox. So was the xbox360. The ps3's blu-ray drive has an unbroken encryption system, so it would be hard to do with ps3 discs. But if it could, there's still the hypervisor, the root keys, and beyond all that, PSN watching over the ps3 like Big Brother from 1984, ready to vaporize any modded or hacked ps3 it detects.

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    Yea lets go back a few generations. A step back from Blu Ray is DVD a step back from DVD is CD and a step back from DVD is cartridge like old school Nintendo games. Cartridges are so limited and heck there was still ways to pirate them thats why we can install emulators to play super nintendo, sega, etc... roms on the Wii, PS3 with Linux, Dreamcast etc... not to mention the great limitations in space.

    Despite that I have yet to hear of anyone who has successfully pirated a PS3 game like mentioned before there is just too many firmware updates and the PS3 is super hard to hack. Games do not download play from the hard drive itself meaning even if a game does install partially to the HD you still need the disk to play it. If you were able to burn a copy of the Blu Ray game then you would still need a way to load the game. For instance back in the day of the PS1 people could easily copy a CD however if you put it in the PS it would not load you had to mod the hardware of the PS to be able to read the copied game. Likewise I would assume you would have to do the same with a PS3 to play pirated blu ray to which once again I do not believe anyone has modded.

    On top of that to my knowledge Sony is still actually losing money on the PS3 console itself giving us all the stuff that comes with it at that price. So long story short it is difficult and perhaps more difficult to pirate games on the PS3 than any other system so far

  • moyle
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    in the beginning this is an extremely undesirable concept and you may get arrested for it. How might you like it if somebody took what you made and purchased it? Who on earth might legalize advertising and determining to purchase pirated products? think of mate. ultimately, there's no way you may burn a PS3 game to a blue ray whether you tried

  • monter
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    4 years ago

    first of all this could be an fairly undesirable theory and you may get arrested for it. How could you like it if somebody took what you made and offered it? Who on earth could legalize advertising and buying pirated products? think of mate. finally, there is not any way you are able to burn a PS3 interest to a blue ray although in case you tried

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  • 1 decade ago

    Most people buy the ps3 cause it's a great machine and dont care if they cant get copies for it.More game developers will go towards the ps3 in the future as they will make more money from the ps3.

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