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Which SIGN do you find it easiest to get along with & what's your sign?

Easiest not best not which you really like or envy.

Are they your element?

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    I am an AQUARIUS (FIXED SIGN) and i get along best with GEMINI,LIBRA,SAGITTARUIS,ARIES

    Aquarians Are Not Gay OR, Stupid.They Are Smart,Outgoing.

    And They Are The Humanitarians Of The Zodiac.They Demand Their Freedom.

    They Can Be Dangerous When You Make Them Mad.

    Famous Aquarians: Geena Davis January 21

    Diane Lane January 22

    Mischa Barton January 24

    Eartha Kitt January 26

    Edward Van Halen January 26

    Ellen Degeneres January 26

    Paul Newman January 26

    Bridget Fonda January 27

    Joey Fatone January 28

    Nick Carter January 28

    Sarah McLachlan January 28

    Edward Burns January 29

    Heather Graham January 29

    Oprah Winfrey January 29

    Tom Selleck January 29

    Gene Hackman January 30

    Phil Collins January 30

    Vanessa Redgrave January 30

    Justin Timberlake January 31

    Boris Yeltsin February 1

    Lisa Marie Presley February 1

    Ayn Rand February 2

    Christie Brinkley February 2

    Farrah Fawcett February 2

    Elisa Donovan February 3

    Morgan Fairchild February 3

    Alice Cooper February 4

    Natalie Imbruglia February 4

    Jennifer Jason Leigh February 5

    Bobby Brown February 5

    Bob Marley February 6

    Natalie Cole February 6

    Chris Rock February 7

    Garth Brooks February 7

    Nick Nolte February 8

    Seth Green February 8

    Alice Walker February 9

    Joe Pesci February 9

    Mia Farrow February 9

    Laura Dern February 10

    Brandy February 11

    Jennifer Aniston February 11

    Burt Reynolds February 12

    Christina Ricci February 12

    Judy Blume February 12

    Henry Rollins February 13

    Peter Gabriel February 13

    Gregory Hines February 14

    Chris Farley February 15

    Jane Seymour February 15

    Janice Dickinson February 15

    John McEnroe February 16

    Michael Jordan February 17

    Rene Russo February 17

    Denise Richards February 17

    Paris Hilton February 17

    Cybill Shepherd February 18

    Jean Auel February 18

    John Travolta February 18

    Matt Dillon February 18

    Molly Ringwald February 18

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    I get along very easily with Aquarius. They are an Air Sign, I am a Fire Sign.

    Source(s): Aries
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    I find Leos, Sagittariuses, and Virgos really easy to be around. Scorpios are soothing too.

    I'm a Gemini Sun and rarely do I get along with other Air signs.

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    I get along best with most Virgos but I love them Pisces. I'm a Taurus

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    i honestly get a long with all of them. im an aquarius, and supposedly we are the sign that can get along with anyone. i guess if i have to pick i will say sagittarius, or taurus.

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    air signs and fire signs(i am mutable air)

    air signs very friendly and talk a lot.they always happy and never seem to be in tension or whenever they are it doesn't seem like signs get angry easily but are very forgiving.they are the most friendly signs have ever is list of air and fire signs:

    air: fire:

    gemini aries

    libra leo

    aquarius sagittarius hope that helps

  • 5 years ago

    Gemini Scorpios the Opposite.

  • 1 decade ago

    I get along with Scorpio, Cancer, Taurus and Virgo

    Source(s): Im a capricorn :p
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    I hate car insurance signs as I am driving down the road. However, I can find fast food signs sort of fun to look at. You are obviously smarter then me because I have never once seen a sign that discusses the elements. Most the signs I see just do not have the room or the right mind set for discussing anything in Physics. I do not like any sign enough to want to call it my own. My opinion.

  • km
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    taurus, capricorn, saggitarius, cancer...i could get along with scorpio but its too much of a cold war all the time.

    Source(s): pisces
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