Blows it 或 Blow it?

He, the new CEO of a major corporation, sits down, crosses his leg, and (Oops!) you notice that he's wearing one black sock and one blue sock.

What does that do to his dazzling image? Blows it, right?

Every time you think of Mr.CEO, you're going to snicker and think of his mismatched socks.

請問 (文法解釋越詳細越好)

(1) 文中 Blows it, 中的 blows 為何要加 s ?

(2) 如果用 Mess up 來代替 Blows it,是否要改為 Messes up, ?


謝謝回答,但請問是 He blows it 還是 It blows it ?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    其實是it blows it, right?



    就像[feels like it]或[Don't know.]一樣

    如果用mess up就要用[Messes it up, right?]這樣


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  • 1 decade ago

    請問是 He blows it 還是 It blows it ?

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