Have you lost money or made money on sports betting?

for myself i have lost about 600$ so far. I'm 18 and stared betting like 6 months ago. My record is not bad but i always seem to lose the big bets! Have u lost more or won more plz be honest ppl i would love to hear feedback.

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  • Scout
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    10 years ago
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    I was in your shoes, I would win a lot, build a big account and then make a huge bet that I thought was a sure thing and lose it all. What I do now is keep my bets pretty much equal. I dont bet more than 10% of my account on one bet, no matter how much I think its a lock, because there is no such thing as a lock.

    So if my account is $1,000, I will bet around $50 on a game. If I feel very strongly, then $100, but no more than that. Lately I win more than I lose, so I am consistently making money now. So if you win more than you lose, this should work for you. I believe if you ask any successful gambler, money management is the one thing that all will agree with.

    Good Luck

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    If you are 18, I would imagine that $600 is a lot of money to you. If you're down $600, then you are probably not as good as you think. If you bet big on a wager, then you are most likely very confident about the bet. If these are the bets that you are losing, then that means that your handicapping skills are not good.

    I think the most important thing a gambler can do is keep meticulous records. That is how you can assess your skill level over time. If you lose in the long run then you are not good. If you win then you are good. Don't blame your losses on bad luck.

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  • Nadine
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    4 years ago

    yip There's plenty of online sports betting sights out there. If you know your sports and are a good prognosticator, there's obviously some money to be made. I've had an account goin at one sight for almost four years. I withdrew my startup deposit a long time ago and have been playin with house money ever since.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Ive had good years and bad years. I do better at some sports than others. Im good at Nba totals but am terrible at college hoops totals. Nfl seems easier to me than college football. Just go with what you know best and dont try to get rich overnight. The #1 reason why most people lose in sportsbetting is they lack patience. Good Luck

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