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Adjusting a Throttle Position Sensor Yamaha R1?

When adjusting the TPS on a '99 R1, I know the TPS must be plugged in and the key must be on. I know the bike tells you which way to adjust the TPS via the tachometer.

But in order to install the TPS, you must remove the carbs, so I imagine they still have to remain off while adjusting the TPS. Am I correct? Or is the TPS like a tilt motion sensor (when you move the throttle cables, it tilts the TPS one way or another), and the TPS must be adjusted with the carbs on and completely upright?

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    No, the TPS isn't affected by position. It won't care which direction it's pointed. All they are is a rheostat-potentiometer. If you ever played with a Lionel toy train and turned the lever to make it go faster, then you got the idea of how it works.

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    Yamaha Throttle Position Sensor

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    Try this page. it's different to my Beamer

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