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Which is your favorite random act of kindness?

1) Someone not blocking the middle of an intersection so that you may drive through?

2) Someone letting you go ahead in line because you only have one item while the other person has 50 items.

3) Getting in the elevator, the person closest to the buttons asks you what floor you'd like him to press.

4) You go to a buffet restaurant where they charge for children. The waitress, knowing that your child isn't going to eat that much, doesn't charge you for the child.

5)You're pushing a stroller and attempt to open some doors. A person walking by, sees you struggling and holds the doors open for you.

If you have other ideas, please feel free to state them.

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    All of these are great. Another one I really like is when someone sees that you are not sure or confused about something and ask if they can help you out.

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    I like all of favorite is 5. I also like when people will randomly smile at me..I love that lol.

    And I like when people say "thank you" when I hold the door open for them. The most annoying thing is holding the door open for someone who pushes passed me without saying a word.

    I like when people will help homeless people. I usually won't give a homeless person money (seeing as how I have no idea where that money will go) but I will buy them some food. I remember during a trip I was on with my family..we were passing through a small town and stopped at a gas station. There was a man sitting with his dog on the curb. He was very dirty and had bandaged up hands. We bought him and his dog a big lunch and something to drink. I felt so great after doing that for him.

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    None of those, although they're all good.... I like to pay for the person behind me when I go through tolls.

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    6) The person in line ahead of you is short by fifty cents or so and you give them the difference.

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    Four, Definitely.

    Oh and also


    Two, Definetly.


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    I like all of your choices. I have one to add: anonymous donations to the needy.

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    holding doors for people, saying please and thank-you each time I interact with people

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