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High school graduation party with alcohol..?

So I'll be graduating this May from high school and I'm planning on having a graduation/birthday party. Although being 18 I am not old enough to drink, I know that a few of my friends will probably be having alcohol at their grad parties and I know that previous grad parties I've been to have also had alcohol there. So I was wondering if I it was really that bad of an idea to have alcohol at my party? (probably just beer) If it isn't that bad of an idea how should I go about making sure people are smart and dont drink and drive?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Of course it's a bad idea. But we're in high school, so it's okay! This will be your last high school party, meaning your last time to make stupid high school decisions. I say you go for it.

    Best way to make sure people don't drink and drive is tell everyone they have to have a DD. At this party I went to a couple weeks ago, all the DDs had to wear these elaborate necklaces so that people knew not to let them drink. That's an idea? Oh and I'd suggest making your party BYOB, so that if people want to drink, and consequently drive, at least you weren't the one feeding them brewskies!

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  • c c
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    1 decade ago

    In most states it is illegal to provide/purchase alcohol to minors under 21 years of age. There is a reason for that law. If there is drinking at your party and you know about it but do nothing to stop it, you (or your parents) are liable for any accidents that occur.

    If drinking is going to occur, you can make sure there are no drinking drivers by asking everyone to put their keys in a large jar as soon as they get to the party. Then when it is time for them to leave, they have to ask the "KEY KEEPER" (a very responsible non-drinker) for their keys. If the KEY KEEPER sees that the person is intoxicated, then they don't get their keys.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You can't, and in some states you will be legally responsible if they do, if you have the party at home.

    My son had his 18th at a restaurant that was used to kids and they had blue tickets for the drinkers and pink tickets for the non-drinkers. (Everyone got carded, and yes, the tickets got passed around, but we weren't responsible when they left.) My advice is to have the party somewhere other than your home. You and your parents can decide on a budget for snacks and non-alcoholic drinks. If people bring it, it's their problem.

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  • puga
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    4 years ago

    Why could your ex even want to danger it? youngsters that age are attracted to alcohol through fact it truly is "cool" and it truly is prohibited. Having alcohol on the social gathering is a recipe for disaster. the main suitable ingredient you are able to ingredient out to him is that criminal duty is a extensive element right here. If even one infant sneaks a number of the alcohol, he could be held legally reliable if the newborn: a million) gets ill, 2) drives and gets into an twist of destiny, 3) his mothers and fathers discover out and get mad and sue the source of the alcohol, etc. What if a infant gets under the impact of alcohol and then gets pregnant? wager who's to blame? Your ex! no one is held in charge for their own strikes anymore, and there is too a lot criminal duty in having alcohol around underage childrens. Your ex would be very sorry if he is going forward and has alcohol on the social gathering through fact he can be held in charge for that determination in a courtroom of regulation. He could desire to lose each thing he has in ordinary terms for some beers. no longer clever!!!

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