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whats that spanish salsa song...?

it goes... i think ... kimbale kimbale que la kim bambam kim... and it goes on... its a pretty good song

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It's a Cuban salsa song and it's called Kimbara(or Quimbara). You have most likely heard the Celia Cruz version. It is a rumba-based salsa song, meaning Afro-Cuban rumba not ballroom rumba. Rumba is one of the main roots of salsa along with son and guaracha. Another famous song that starts with rumba is Aguanile by Hector Lavoe.

    Here is Celia Cruz singing it.

    Rumba is a music/dance that originated in Cuba in the 1800s. There are different styles of rumba which have distinct rhythms and their own dances. There are three types of rumba that are still common today: Columbia, Yambú and Guaguancó. Kimbara is a Guaguancó.

    Rumba music is only drums and vocals, there are no other instruments. Songs like Kimbara take the rumba rhythm and mix it with horns and piano making it an orchestrated rumba or a salsa-rumba if you prefer.

    Guaguancó is a couple dance that imitates a courtship ritual between men and women in which the woman moves provocatively to attract the man and the man tries to "posses" her using the vacunao, a rapid movement towards her pelvis that signifies sexual conquest. She must always be on her guard and block the vacunao by placing her hand in front of her pelvis. Guanguancó is also fast music.

    Here is a couple dancing rumba-guaguancó. You can hear that the music is just drums and vocals and you can see how he tries to catch her off guard and do the vacunao and she blocks with her hand. The body motion is very African influenced.

    Columbia is danced by men. They take turns soloing and trying to outdo each other in complicated steps and dangerous feats while they dance. The music is generally fast.

    Here is Yoannis again dancing alone.

    Here is a long video but it shows how rumba really works. Fitrs there is the vocal part. Rhe dancers don't enter until the "montuno" section of the music. Here you have a dance with a candle balanced on the guy's head and a dance with machetes. It is really interesting if you have the paitience to watch the whole thing

    Yambú is a slow rumba danced by couples. The couple imitates the movements of old people performing daily tasks etc.

    I haven't found a good yambú video but if you search youtube you can probably find one.

    More info than you wanted but there you have it.

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    Very good question, looking forward to reading the responses

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    This is great

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