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What is wrong with my bunny?

I have a bunny that i got in october. she was sooooo very spoiled when we first got her. we had her inside allday and night and she was a very good girl. we've never had a problem with her and her litter pan or her eating crap. we bunny proofed everything.

the situation with her has changed since we moved to our new house in january. we have a 2story house and we also have a puppy pitt. so naturally we keep her in her cage due to us not wanting to take the chance on there being an attack between the two, also, because her litter pans smell! lol i clean them everyday when i wake up and when i get home from work each day. i emty out the litter and clean the pan with fabuloso and the i clean the cage floor and then put fresh litter in the pan and the cage. but.. she still has stinky pee!

well, since ive been keeping her in the cage, we sometimes have her in our livingroom and we also put her in the garage for a few hours but there are no cars in there and it is perfectly safe for her in there.

i have also started working since we moved so my bunny does not get the attention she used to get.. resulting in when i pick her up she scratches and jumps to get away from me. when i open her cage she also fights with me to stay in her cage. she doesn't want to be taken out. wat the hekk is her problem? does she hate me now? she is still young.. she's not even a year old yet. ahhh it drives me nuts.. help! and when i take her to run around outside (we have a hugeeee yard!) all she does is run to the corners and to the cracks in the fence to try and escape threw them. does she hate me?? is she jelous of the puppy? is she scared of the puppy?? the puppy is smaller than her so i hope not.. i just want her to be happy again. that little spoiled poop ball used to bond with me very much so!. =(

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    poor thing. :) its because she's isolated from you that she's acting up, you dont take her out of her cage, so shes not as used to you than she was. You have to remember that rabbits are the main prey for animals in the wild, and as such she will have developed the idea that you are now a predator and are planning on eating her. When you had her on the floor and interacted with her she began to associate you with good things, most likely treats, food, exercise and time for play. Also the pup and her dont mix very well, because dogs (wolves) are the main predator in the wild. It would be best if you took her out more often, let her run around in your room and give her more treats.

    Valery is right, I had three baby female rabbits, they re now grown up and are very aggressive and do not like to be held, even though they used to sit on my feet when I would let them out. Your female is growing up. :) Either you can try getting her spayed if she's not already, and as I said earlier, try to interact with her more often without the dog around.

    Good Luck with your Doe! God bless.

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    Was your bunny a baby when you got her? Her current behavior sounds like that of a mature doe ( female). Adult rabbits generally don't like to be held, while babies will tolerate it. Just let her come out of the cage on her own; don't try to pull her out. If you need to carry her, tuck her head under your arm and hold her close to your body like a football.

    I wouldn't use a cleaner on her litter pans everyday. They remove too much of her scent and it's possible that she is attempting to "mark" them again by either peeing more often or mixing in some of the scent from her perianal glands. An adult rabbit's urine will naturally be somewhat stronger than a babies anyway, but it shouldn't be horrible.

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    -Rabbits eat their poo because it has vitamins in it that they did not absorb so they eat it to get that

    -Your rabbit should run about 1 time every day

    -Your rabbit runs in the corners because they feel protected because in the wild birds or something would see them in the open so they have an instinct to run in corners for security

    -Your rabbits pee may smell bad because you are giving her the wrong food or too much veggies.

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    maybe the litter that you use doesn't have the thingy that takes the smell out...

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