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Is Somalia an extreme example of an anarchist free market capitailst economy?

They have no taxes or government intervention into business, and everything is privatized (including the army)... LOL

Productivity is high due to drug and slave trading, and a highly efficient weapons trade.

There is no functioning central government, only war lords that rule over different regions based on free enterprise and private ownership of the land.

Poor people don't look for handouts, instead they take the initiative and enter the piracy business, which is also completely unregulated.

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    Yes. But Western institutions like the World Bank and IMF keep them that way by disallowing them from building any government bureaucracy to provide basic services (like police). It's a condition of most international loans that the country implement neoliberal tenets of slashed government programs and as much trade deregulation as possible, which always favors Western business in the current global market.

    You'd like Patrick Bond's _Looting Africa_.

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    If the state monopolizes the services of law and police and then collapses, so do those services. The chaos resulting from a collapsed state is not proof that you needed the state in the first place.

    That said, there is a weak government in Somalia: the Transitional Federal Government, backed by the US, UN, and African Union. The Ethiopians have also been involved, as well as the Islamic Courts Union which is funded by Islamic states for the purpose of imposing Sharia Law in Somalia. The warlords are just fledgling governments without the propaganda. Most of Somalia remains stateless, however.

    There are still a lot of problems in Somalia, but without a central state most Somalis have been better off. Somalia has improved in 15 of 18 economic indicators regarding standard of living since the collapse of the state. Life expectancy has increased, there is more access to health facilities, infant mortality has dropped, civil liberties have improved, and extreme poverty has dropped. After the dissolution of government, 400 000 Somali refugees returned from Ethiopia to their homes. Widespread violence had mostly vanished by 1994 and fewer people die from violence in Somalia than in neighbouring countries with governments. Many areas of Somalia have greater security than they did under the government and are relatively peaceful. More towns have electricity, and the availability of luxury goods like radios and televisions has increased; Somalia now has some of the best telecommunications in Africa. There are more schools with higher enrollment and improved achievement levels over state schools.

    So to answer the question: sort of. There's still some interference, but things are actually getting better. Somalia is doing much better than most other countries in Africa.

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    Not really. It's the hellhole that's the end result of yet another failed communist government.

    Why is it that most of the completely destroyed countries left in a state of utter despair and disarray are the end results of what you socialists think should have been a workers paradise?


    The Republic of Somalia formerly known as the Somali Democratic Republic under communist rule. - Wikipedia (Apparently some of the kids don't believe it used to be communist, check the thumbs down)

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    Somalia's government is too weak to perform the duty assigned to the government by the America's constitution: UPHOLD THE LAW (police and judiciary).

    Capitalism can not function without enforcement of contracts.

    = There is no functioning central government

    The straw, of which your straw-man is made, is rotting...

    = Poor people don't look for handouts

    They do, actually -- from the UN...

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    No, its called anarchy. There is no "anarchist free market".

    Read John Locke- a free market exists when there is a civil government strong enough to protect private property, but not too strong as to take it all away.

    This is like saying: "isn't the Soviet Union a prime example of a successful welfare state? I mean, it was a world power!"

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    Yes, this is the ultimate, unregulated, free-market society. Not such a great model, is it?

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    Yep, it is the same system that the Tea Bag people want in the US.

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    Yes, conservatives will find ways of not answering this.

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