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23 weeks pregnant, Are tooth achs bad when pregnant? And can I get my tooth pulled out?

I have had a verry verry bad tooth ach for days I am having to take 1500 mg of tylenol every 6 hours I really want to go and get my tooth pulled out but don't know if I can. I have had this problem with thuis tooth before. But I think some one said pregnant women can't have there teeth pulled when pregnant is that true and why?

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    I am 23 weeks 6 days pregnant with baby #2, and just went to the dentist today... One of my fillings fell out due to decay underneath, and I had to get an xray done, because my gums were inflammed around my two teeth... The dentist ended up numbing me and putting a temp medicated filling in till I deliver... Once the my little girl is born he wants to do a root canal... But deff go to the dentist... He told me that it is better to get work done, than let the tooth get infected cause that can be more serious being pregnant... So dont wait... Have your OB fax a sheet letting them know what you can and cant have done, that is what my OB had done for my dentist... Good luck and congrats~!!!

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    It is not true that you can't have x-rays. You don't have routine x-rays, like for dental check-ups when you are pregnant. But you are in the second trimester. This is the safest time to have dental treatment and x-rays. It is more dangerous NOT to get treated and have a chronic infection. You will have a lead apron for the x-rays, (probably double it) and no radiation would get through to the fetus. Also, there are many antibiotics that are safe to take while you are pregnant. The dentist is knowledgeable in pharmacology and if unsure, would consult with your physician. By all means, get to the dentist ASAP!

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    I had one of my wisdom teeth out early in my pregnancy (before I knew). It bled profusely and became infected, although I'll never know if that would've happened anyway. Worth bearing in mind though! It was easily and quickly dealt with though.

    When you're pregnant the increased hormone levels make you more likely to get gingivitis or periodontal disease, but in the event of a problem getting a tooth pulled should be ok. Just be extra vigilant about keeping your mouth clean afterwards.

    Check this site out for guidance, but your dentist's office will be the best one to advise

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    I was able to with my second son, just call your dentist and let them know your pregnant, oh yeah and the sooner the better if you have an infection then you have to wait to have it pulled until the antibiotics kick in which is around two or three days but the pain also goes away the longer they are in your system. Good Luck

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