I want to write a story involving the main character to who's slowly dying due to a sickness. Any suggestions?

I don't want to use leukemia.

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    He could be dying from MS (Multiple Sclerosis) its a really sad disease and my uncle died from it. Here are the common early symptoms:

    * Tingling


    *Loss of balance

    *Weakness in one or more limbs

    *Blurred or double vision

    Less common early symptoms:

    *slurred speech

    *sudden onset of paralysis

    *lack of coordination

    *cognitive difficulties

    As the disease progresses:

    *fatigue for no reason

    *heat sensitivity

    *muscle spasms that hinders the persons ability to move freely

    *dizziness thats caused by damage in nerve pathways

    *impaired thinking

    *abnormal sensations like itching, buring, tearing and/or stabbing pains

    *vision impairment

    *speech and swallowing problems


    *difficult walking

    The cause for MS is unknown but factors might be genetics, the environment even viruses.

    Hope that helped.

    P.S. My uncles MS was so bad that he had to stay in bed all day and he was waiting to die it was sad and their aren't many treatments for the disease and no one saw it coming since it was so sudden yet gradual but he died when I was 7 (14 now).

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  • Sorry to say but you may have to be more specific. You can make up a disease that can range from one severe to the next and have many different ailments to it, or you can choose one and run with it. Also how many chars do you plan on having as main? Will they all have the same sickness? There are a lot of factors in picking a sickness in my head so need to know what you are looking for in a story in order to pick one that is suitable

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  • 1 decade ago

    Transplant rejection can be treated but it can still kill people

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