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what is the fundemental issue for wellfare?

please give a good detailed answer

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    For who ? The wealthy which Republicans have no problem with ?

    Other wise welfare does not exist on the Federal level .




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    Washington D.C. welfare caseworker Angela Perkins

    Washington, D.C. welfare caseworker Angela Perkins talks to Cynthia Harris. (Juana Arias, Washington Post)

    Welfare's Changing Face

    By Dan Froomkin

    Washingtonpost.com Staff

    Updated July 23, 1998

    Welfare as we knew it no longer exists.

    The 61-year American tradition of guaranteeing cash assistance to the poor came to an end with the signing of legislation in August 1996.

    Under the old system, founded during the Great Depression, the federal government provided fairly uniform benefits to the nation's poor – mostly mothers and children – without regard to the details of their personal circumstances, and with no time limit.

    But over time, the system became increasingly unpopular. Political opinion turned against the idea of anyone getting rewarded for being idle. Social critics said welfare was responsible for a permanent underclass of people living off government checks because the incentives to go to work were so weak.

    Now, a federal system that was once fairly consistent has been turned over to the states, where programs are diverging widely. And it is far from clear whether the poor will be better or worse off.


    Welfare has not existed for a long time > for the poor that is .

    Source(s): Washingtonpost.com: Welfare Special Report Social critics said welfare was responsible for a permanent underclass of people living off government checks because the incentives to go to work were so weak. ... washingtonpost.com/.../politics/special/welfare/welfare.htm - Cached
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    The Republican Congress forced Bill Clinton to sign welfare reform, which imposed time limits and a requirement for an active job search, and welfare recipients could not refuse any reasonable offer of employment. It was widely considered the most successful social reform in 20 years, because the number of people on welfare dropped dramatically.

    Obama repealed those reforms in the 2009 economic stimulus, so now it's back to unlimited welfare with no job search requirement and no requirement to accept reasonable employment offers.

    So the issue is that it gives people a free ride, and nobody wants to stop riding for free once they get on the dole.

    It puts people on the dole for life, and they stay there. Once they've been forced into making the lifestyle adjustments to receive welfare, many people feel no motivation to change back. So they just stay there for life.

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    Welfare is the means by which Liberals remove the incentive of the poor to seek self-improvement.

    Welfare is the means through which Liberals steal the initiative of the poor to seek self-betterment.

    Welfare is the bribe to the poor, who may in exchange for their liberty, be housed, clothed, and fed.

    The fundamental issue for Welfare is how do you provide for the truly needy without corrupting those who can work, but are willing to not work in exchange for Government control. The answer is, you cannot. Welfare is a flawed concept. The care for the truly needy is a personal issue, a societal issue, but never a Government issue. Because Governments, by their nature cannot help but abuse the power that comes from controlling the poor.

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    "Welfare is a necessary social net that, without, many good people who are simply down on their luck or in hard times, would spiral deeper into poverty."

    and while "necessary" it has also become a way of life for many. The libertarian want it gone, the Republicans accept it as necessary but want the benefits kept at a minimal level to sustain life and to keep people from abusing & Democrats piss & moan that the "poors" lifestyle isn't the equivalent of the middle class who actually work for a living.

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    It should be a safety net to those who need it, but it shouldn't be something to live off of.

    There are plenty of people who scam the system. I suppose it's pretty easy to do, especially now when there isn't too much hiring going on right now.

    Like the banks and the auto industries who have to be accountable for what they do because they took taxpayer money, so should welfare recipients.

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    Welfare is a necessary social net that, without it, many good people who are simply down on their luck or in hard times, would spiral deeper into poverty.

    for example: I first moved to Hawaii when I was 16, lived in poverty until I was 18, went on welfare for 7 months, and today, I'm out of poverty.

    it works if you give it a chance and you really need it.

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    wellfare is a drop in the bucket compared to the corporate welfare we are going to enjoy paying for

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    That is has a END DATE.

    Even Bill Clinton got this right!

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    AIG executives want to steal from poor American tax payers.....

  • That it enables poverty.

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