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Looking for a Book on Marriage, Similar to "The Love Dare"?

I am looking for a book on Marriage, I watched the movie Fireproof last night, and looked up the book "The Love Dare" later on. Although I really like the aspect of the day by day approach the book takes, and the activities the book asks the reader to do, I do not like that the book is so religious. I am looking for a non denominational book similar to "The Love Dare" that I can share with my wife and help improve my marriage. Any suggestions?

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    Unfortunately for you, most of the marriage stuff that works or is any good is going to be religious.

    Here's an idea ~ buy The Love Dare book and a leather bound journal. Take ideas from the book and personalize them ~ writing them down in the journal. When you're finished, you'll have your own book that applies to your marriage, and it may even become a family heirloom someday.

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    You are suffering from "The Grass Is Always Greener" syndrome. The only reason you aren't feeling that same "butterflies" feeling of love for your wife as you are for the old flame is because you haven't been working on it. You can rekindle those feelings, but it will take effort on your part. It may even help to tell your wife you want to work on "spicing up" your marriage. Trust me, if you make the poorer decision here and leave your wife for this other woman, you will find yourself in this exact situation again. The woman you are so in love with now will become "good enough" and some other woman will seem exotic and awesome in comparison. This phenominon is why honoring your marriage vows is so important. It is human nature to see everything else as better than your own, and you must fight this urge.

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    I would still recommend you do what is in the book but skip the Bible references. There is still a lot of good in that book that you can do. In fact, I have the book and thought I read something about it can be used by any one (religious or not) to save their marriage. Maybe take another look at things.

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    Sometimes, letting go seems like the easiest thing to do. But think about this: you've invested so much of your time and energy into another person; you've made a solemn promise; and you still know there's love, even if it's hiding underneath the surface. This website will show you how to save a marriage and avoid divorce, even if you're the only one trying

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    The first thing you must know is if you want to save your marriage and if you find yourself alone in this desire, waiting for the other spouse to make the first move is the beginning of the end. Learn here

    If you are looking for someone to blame or someone else to put the emotional and physical work into saving the marriage, again, it's going to fail.

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    'relationship rescue' by dr phil mcgraw. ' the proper care and feeding of marrige' by dr laura.

    the proper care and feeding of husbands, also by dr laura. the proper care and feeding of wives, again by dr laura.

    the 7 habits of highly effective familes, by stephen covey.

    if you were to sincerely read these 5 books, i would have to guarantee, and i mean guarantee, that you would feel better about many facets of your life, now armed with insight, priceless insight into what makes things work. why? because research and observation have made information available that was not readily available before.

    i absolutely positively 100000% guarantee this answer.

    couldnt agree with you more, new agey or religious 'self help' books leave me cold. give me an intelligent, wise, easy to follow common sense book to fill in the chapter i may be missing.

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    Most of the marriage books out there that works or can make any improvement are religious.

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    Forget the book........ Just sit down and talk with your wife. start it off with What dont you like about me? that should give you all the info you need to make things better. One thing let her talk and dont interrupt her when she gets started this will stop a fight before it starts and whatever you do,,, dont let what she says get you angry... Good Luck

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    Charles Stanley has a lot of really good books. You can get them new at his website, but ebay also has a lot of them too.

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