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What specie of frog is this?? (Easy 10 points!)?

I just bought this frog.Not too sure what kind of frog it is.I already own two african clawed frogs.This frog doesn't appear to like being in water too much as when I fill up it's little carrier tank with water he instantly struggles to keep his nose above water level. It's not a toad. Can he live with my ACFs? Does he need land? What does he eat?


Pics are here!:

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    First, (and I tell everyone this so please dont take offense) you shouldnt buy an exotic pet with first knowing what it is and how to take care of it. That said, I THINK its a pac-man frog but I cant tell from the pic 100%. Is there any way you can a pic of it out of the water and e-mail to me at That way I could tell for sure. Take a cue from the frogs behavior tho, if it doesnt like the water then you need to provide it with an environment that has a shallow pool and some land mass for it. Make sure the land is some kind of dirt (you can get "clean" dirt so to speak from a pet supply store) and keep it moist. Frogs "drink" through their skin so you would have to keep it clean too. Clean the tank about once a week. Also you need to remember that not all frogs can swim, if it is a pac-man frog it will drown in water over its head. Please send me that pic and I will do my best to identify the frog for you.

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    Never buy a reptile or amphibian if you don't know what species it is! Very similar species can have drastically different requirements!

    Having said that, I can't tell you the exact species, but they appear to be some type of pond frog (Genus Rana). I would advise against putting them with your clawed frogs, as they will most likely eat them (or be eaten by them). For their setup, a few inches of water with a raised section of dry land would be best. You can feed them small fish, crickets and mealworms.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): Many years of independent research in biology and zoology, past experience with multiple amphibian species.
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