partition wall and washing machine moving?

Interested in buying a property (uk, wiltshire), but there at least a couple of jobs to do, and not sure about how much budget to consider for them.

Can I have a rough idea of:

- how much it can cost to build a simple (just dividing purposes, the cheapest one is fine) internal wall, standard height, approx 7 feet wide, to divide a family/play room into a study and laundry room?

Both materials and labour, because I am not diy at all :(

-create a new connection for washing machine and tumble dryer in the new laundry room (the current washing machine is in the kitchen, approx. 3-4 metres away)

I know that it depends on many factors (esp. the second job) but just an idea would be great!


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Federica, it shouldn't cost much for the amount of work you say. Iwould estimate about a days work for the partition and depending on the water services, say another half a day. Plus of course the materials. I'd say in the region of £300-350 give or take a few pounds. Hope that helps. I live in Bristol or I'd do it for you.

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