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why isnt the GOP tired of the true facts proving them wrong, like with Coburns personal facts?

At the summit, Coburn said, "One out of every $3 that gets spent doesn't help anybody get well and doesn't prevent anybody from getting sick." He cited a Harvard scholar's finding that "20 percent of the cost of federal government health care is fraud," and that there are estimates of $15 billion a year in Medicaid fraud in New York City alone.

"Well, when you look at the total amount of health care that's government run, you're talking $150 billion a year," he said.

The bottom line, according to the CNN Fact Check Desk: Coburn's figures overstate the problem by a large amount and, according to one of the experts he cites, does not reflect the uncertainty involved in his calculations.

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    the CORPORATE GANGSTA'S will fight till the end

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    dumb question.

    Coburn is a piece of work, and yes instead of a bailout for wall street coburn should have voted to give 700 billion to american people for healthcare or anything else. medicine is expensive because of too much government involvement. Hospitals and caregivers charge a lot because they charge whatever the government will pay. If the government got out of it, then the costs would come down to attract more business, simple economics. Insurance is supposed to be for RARE, expensive operations, like car insurance. Insurance isnt supposed to cover every single pap smear and rectal exam. If the government got out of that business, then the costs would drop.

    besides that, Coburn AND OBAMA are guilty of continuing to fund the illegal wars in iraq, afghanistan, and all over the world

    THE US has over 700 bases in 140 countries, if we closed half of those we would save hundreds of billions of dollars.

    BRING OUR TROOPS HOME, CLOSE OUR BASES, and TAKE CARE OF AMERICANS.... obama is a lying piece of trash, and so is Coburn and 90% of republicans. vote libertarian, legalize pot, end the wars, protect gun rights, gay rights, and just leave everybody alone... got it?

    Source(s): www.lewrockwell.com
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    So, you're relying on a "source" that WILL NOT actually mention a speck of data.

    Brilliant. You sure proved your point.

    No, wait. You actually proved MY point; that Democrats have no "logic literacy."

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    Do YOU have a source for your facts?

    What other kind of facts are there other than true facts? Facts=truth...otherwise its called fiction

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