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J.K. Rowling Vs. Stephenie Meyer?

I was reading some arguments against and for these authors and was wondering what the general consensus was?

As for myself, I believe JK Rowling is a brilliant author with a knack for complex plots and fascinating characters/situations.

Stephenie Meyer, however, seems like she can't really write all that good. Sure, she can write, but her writing style and lack of plot is really frustrating.

Twilight, for instance. When I read this, I couldn't help but feel like she wrote the whole story, had it looked at and then was forced to put a conflict in there, which she squeezed in the last four chapters. Same with all the books in the Twilight Series. All the action, or lack of (Breaking Dawn) happens within the last two to three chapters.

Another thing that irritates me is Stephenie Meyer's demeanor and how she seems like she thinks she's one of the greatest writers ever. Her books getting popular was just a fluke, I think, whereas Harry Potter was bound to be a huge success because, well, they're just fantastic books.

What's your opinion? Who's the better writer? Any answers saying stuff like, "Stephenie Meyer is a genius! I don't like you," will only take away from her tally


Ha, yeah I was typing really fast and didn't catch that.

I beg to differ, however, on the Shakespeare comment. I think Harry Potter will stand the test of time whereas in a few years, people will say, "Twilight? wtf is that?"

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    J.K Rowling is the better author by more than miles, the world by 5. S. meyer is someone who done the book to please us, obviously writing this book halfheartedly and not caring what she done with it.

    She is a lying thief, she stole the first book and continued on, did you know rumors were spreading because she stole them off her college friend. She had a draft and she stole the idea? I don't know if thats true but that is pretty sick.

    J.K Rowling is a professional writer, you can tell by the way she describes and visions it, she had a wild imagination and she organized it all.

    By i mean how she done a plot inside of her original plot, making it so it had more than it appeared in the book, she put a lot of thought into it and i think this is the big step that makes her far more experienced and a better author and writer than Stephenie Meyer. I liked the plot and all for Twilight but she erased all the gruesome facts about vampires.. They bloody sparkle?! Now that seriously is offending gays..

    J.K Rowling.. It's hard to explain the feelings i have, as i know she is much better and she can paint a picture and make sure you know what your imagining, giving you specific details so it appears in your head perfectly, where Twilight. To me i find it a halfhearted try, an attempt at making it. Her idea is wonderful, but sometimes i find this mistake and i get put off...

    All i have to say is...

    S. Meyer needs to seriously learn how to properly write and before that, red J.K Rowling's books and learn some facts..

    I agree, some girls probably only go to Stephenies side because she put up a book girls can escape reality from, imagine themselves as Bella and imagine themselves in a conflict. Her's are forced, you can tell at some parts. She is a woman who is up herself, she needs to learn how to write and that person would be J.K Rowling, she needs to know how to do conflict, how to connect with her characters. She can't have as sometimes i find some sentences fake. I don't know how i spot them, but, i know she has faked some of it. Forced to put it there and action is always at the end, sometimes people prefer action in the middle then the happy ending. But more conflict appears before that could happen. So it becomes a series. I think Stephenie needs some big advice.

    Like you said, the lack of plot is frustrating. I totally agree. I feel like she wrote the whole story, had it looked at then forced to put something people could engage themselves into. Stephenie is not the best writer ever. A lot of writers could own her in 1 millisecond.

    I have my opinion, i wrote it. Told you.

    Steph meyer needs to learn, learn fast and make sure her books are Believable

    Harry potter was destined to make the top charts and stay there for years, forever. Kids will be reading this series for years. Passing it down for others to read, yeah Twilight will be remembered. But i doubt it could make a 10 years in peoples heads.

    It will be forgotten, it's just everyone is interested in vampires and werewolves. So soon enough, people will forget about it and go onto something else.

    That is my opinion.. :D

    shaani xxx

    Source(s): Also, i want to be a writer. There may be vampires, werewolves. But trust me on this tiny little detail. I wont be mentioning them a lot in my story. It's completely different, hardly and vampire fangs and werewolfy action Included. I'm sick of this, girls getting inspired to write because of S. meyer. We have enough of vampires already. Thanks a whole lot Stephenie. That just made a whole lot of girls ruin peoples lives with you're fantasy brain >:l As if we don't have enough. I agree with Team Potter.
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    Stephenie Meyer Vs Jk Rowling

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    Jk Rowling Vs Stephenie Meyer

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    J.K. Rowling.

    She's incredible. Think about what she's created, and I mean REALLY think. She makes whipping out a stick and crying out 'EXPECTO PATRONUM!' look awesome! She made fantasy cool!

    Now think about what Meyer created - half the freaking' female population to call themselves Mrs. Cullen. Oh, what an achievement. What an achievement that people nowadays are inspired to write because of her, really. Just a teensy problem: They're all about Vampires!

    Gee, thanks Stephenie. As if four glittery-covered pieces of crap weren't enough!

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    Meyer has taken creatures that have a history of bloody murder and serial killing and made them live like the Brady Bunch. She made everything too pretty, all hearts and flowers its like shes not writing the truth but writing to appease the ppl.

    Rowlings creates a whole world, characters, places, faces, legends, shes an amazing writer who takes you into another time and place. She is very gifetd as a writer and shes not afraid to kill some characters off no matter how much theyre loved.

    Meyers keeps everyone happy no matter what.

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    J.K. Rowling for the win! She serves as an inspiration for all aspiring writers because her books are far more timeless than Stephenie Meyer's. In regards to the number of copies in both the "Harry Potter" series and in the "Twilight" series; the "Harry Potter" series has sold a whopping 400 million copies as opposed to the measly 50 million copies of the "Twilight" series. Plus, one must admit that Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner in the movie adaptations of the "Twilight" books) was a total knock-off of Sirius Black (Gary Oldman in movies three through five) owing to three factors: 1.) Jacob and Sirius can transform into dogs. 2.) They both ride motorcycles even though Sirius' motorcycle can fly. 3.) Their surname is Black.

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    J.K. Rowling by far. The sheer amount of detail and imagination she used is enormous. Her characterizations are much more believable, whereas some of Meyer's characters seem rather flat and one-dimensional.

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    Why ask a question when everybody knows who will win!


    PS: You're awesome for loving HP

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    I agree with you,

    I don't like SM's writing at all,

    I forced myself to read the twilight series,

    and I definitely found I liked the Harry Potter series better.

    Too many reasons to put down here,

    but basically what you said and a bit more ^_^

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    You can't really compare them.

    You're comparing a literary genius to a whiny fanfiction writer.

    But yes, I do agree that JK Rowling is a brilliant author.

    Smeyer, you still suck.

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