Is Noah’s Ark an impossible myth?

Number 1: it’s not possible for the entire surface of the earth to be flooded, right? Number 2: it’s not possible for entire species to come from a single male and female - there’s just not enough genetic diversity – there needs to be a certain number of males and females to create an entire species, right? And number 3: there is no evidence to support such an absurd story! No evidence of a flood! No evidence of a boat big enough to carry 2 of every living thing on earth! No DNA of fossil evidence of such an event. It’s utterly impossible and for any adult to tell a child that this crap story is the truth, the adult must be insane, right?

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    Number 1, if the land of the earth were spread out evenly, the surface of the earth would be entirely underwater. It's an interesting coincidence that a bunch of uneducated goathearders would know that, isn't it?

    Number 2, isn't this what evolution claims!?!?!?

    Number 3, there's plenty of evidence to support the flood story. Some of the best evidence is that the flood story is a shared cultural meme from the earliest civilizations. The very fact that it's recorded in diverse cultures in essentially the same details lends credence to all of these flood stories. (Other answers tout "The Epic of Gilgamesh" as being the source of the Noah story, but this just shows their ignorance. The Epic is not the earliest such story, by far. We don't know which originated first, but we do have earlier records of stories other than the Epic.)

    Additionally, it would be easy to impeach the flood story if the dimensions of the ark were way off. It has been analyzed repeatedly, and interestingly enough, the ark apparently had the dimensions to hold what it was supposed to hold, plus a good bit more.

    If the story were easily disproven, people would have stopped believing it long ago.

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  • 1 decade ago

    First off, your right, generally in the bible, the stories are absolutely absurd, to the point where it contains historical mistakes, scientific errors, etc, etc; making the stories illogical. Here's an example, in the new testament it is mentioned that the earth is the central element of the solar system, where the sun, the other planets, etc, would circulate around the earth. However, the Holy Quran, the book of true guidance, wisdom and infallibllty contains no such errors, and has all of the direct answers, in fact, the story of Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) is also mentioned in the Holy Quran, if you want a more logical and descriptive story of Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) I highly suggest you read or listen to the story of the Prophet via the Quran in an organized text or lecture. As for the other comments you have mentioned, the existence of Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) as well as the great flood is historically sound, pieces of the ark have been found as well as its resting place, which was described exactly in the Holy Qur'an (Link:

    Youtube thumbnail

    &feature=related). The gentic/DNA and species comment you have made is not correct, any basic biology book or science website would easily disprove your comment. I am sorry that I couldn't give a long answer to your comments specifically but now that I've mentioned the foundations of where the answers are, you can do some homework right? ( God willingly).

    Source(s): Islam, the only source.
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    1 decade ago

    Yeah....the points you made are very valid...Our DNA tells us that modern people were descended from a group of about 2000 humans. At one time human beings almost went extinct and the reason might have been a global flood BUT there is no fossil evidence nor DNA evidence saying that we (or any animal for that matter) are descended from a single pair. If this was the case every creature on earth would be inbred, deformed and probably would have died out long ago. Without enough genetic diversity any creature will eventually die out and we see this time and time again in nature.

    There is even LESS evidence that people had the technology to build a huge ship...It is even MORE absurd to imagine someone going all over the GLOBE gathering ONE pair of every animal. Earth has MILLIONS of species of plants, animals and insects. How did all of them survive? I believe there might have been a massive flood BUT much like you said, there isn't even enough water on earth to cover all the land. Was there some big flood? Probably so, many ancient texts around the world suggest this and there is some evidence but no evidence to prove ALL the land was covered. Obviously somehow many things survived ALL over the world. How could this be, when Noah didn't have the technology to sail all over the planet?

    Personally, I think it is WRONG to force any person, child or otherwise, to believe in something. What we believe in is very personal and it is up to the individual. My parents taught me about all religions at a very young age and encouraged me to decide for myself. I never believed in these impossible myths and instead I choose to interpret most of the Bible as figurative rather than literal. Sure these are great stories and there is a lot to be learned but for me a lot of it sounds way too far out to be taken literally.

    So all you can do is believe what you believe and allow others to do the same. When people try to cram religious crap down my throat I either tell them "I don't believe in that but if you want to that is ok." Or else I just nod, smile and ignore it. Humans are free to believe whatever they want. If someone wants to believe in things that have no physical or logical evidence supporting them, that is fine by me. I personally think we are primates and most people do a fine job of proving my point! Every time I see men watching a sporting event together there is NO doubt in my mind that we are apes. Our DNA is 98% like a chimpanzee. People might think we are some special, magical being made in the image of some great god but the more likely explanation is that we evolved pretty much the same way as everything else on earth did and we have many indicators of this.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You've been watching too much National Geographic.

    The National Geographic used to be a major research organization. However over the years their research has degraded into politically correct archaeology. They said there was no geologic evidence that 1.5 million Jews wandered in the desert for 40 years. However:

    "Rabbi Dovid Lichtman writes: "As for the issue of encampments are concerned, it is nearly impossible to find traces of large Bedouin encampments in the Sinai Desert from 200-300 years ago. So would one expect the remains of large encampments after 3,000 years?" " Wikipedia

    Prof. Adam Zartal, chairman of the Dept. of Archaeology at the University of Haifa says:

    "Joshua 8:30-35 tells of building an altar on Mount Eval in accordance with Moses' command (Deut. 27). Zartal believes his excavation team found this very altar. It is in the right place, it is from the right time, and the animal bones found there are those of typical biblical offerings. According to Zartel, the uniquely Israelite design of the altar seems nearly identical to the Talmud's description of the Temple's altar -- a design that no Canaanite temples used before or after. "

    But of course science proving God's word, as it has done time and time again, never makes TV or the front headlines. But let someone say "There is no God," and it becomes a national mantra and is splashed out as the first story of the day in the newspapers and other media sources.

    You say it's not possible for the entire surface of the earth to be flooded? Is anything to great for God the Creator? And if you don't believe the earth was flooded ever, you're going to have a real hard time explaining those fossilized sea shells that are found in some of the tallest mountains in the world. Guess National Geo didn't cover that right?

    Source(s): Wikipedia
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. It was possible for the entire POPULATED surface of the Earth to be flooded

    2. God commanded Noah to bring two of every kind...that doesn't mean that they were the only ones left

    3. a. There is LOTS of evidence for a massive flood

    b. DNA of fossil evidence? Fossils don't have DNA.

    c. The ark was aproximately 450 feet by 75 feet by 30 feet. Over a million cubic feet.

    "It’s utterly impossible and for any adult to tell a child that this crap story is the truth, the adult must be insane, right?"

    Nope. It's just evident that you are blinded by your own bigotry and ignorance.

    "It's not only impossible, it's not even original. It's a ripoff of previous flood myths (Gilgamesh, etc.)",_or_the_Wrec...

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  • 1 decade ago

    It is absolutely impossible !!

    As you said, there is not enough genetic diversity, and there isn't enough water in the world.

    But let's pretend that a lot of water just evaporated into space since then... and that there was enough water back then to flood the whole world.

    Ok, let's start. There are millions of animal species in the world, so you'd need a boat big enough to carry millions of species times 2, because that's what it said in the story, but since it's impossible to continue a species from one couple, this million species would have to be multiplied by hundreds of couples. So I have just multiplied millions of species by hundreds, which would require a enormous amount of space, and a "humongous" boat, one which would make today's biggest battle ship look like a little toy next to it.

    Now lets look at the build and the time it would take.

    This boat would be larger than the Egyptian pyramids, which was claimed to be made in 20 years only, but if you look at the size of the pyramids, in order for it to be made in 20 years, they would have had to extract, sculpt, and carry it to the place where the pyramids were every 5 SECONDS, even with the labor of thousands of slaves, so clearly these pyramids were built in a much longer time, I would say at least.. 100-130 years.

    So let's make a comparison, this boat would certainly be bigger than the pyramids to fit millions of animals in it, so think, if the pyramids were built in 100-130 years with the help of thousands of slaves... the arch with the labor of only a couple families would take a MUCH longer time to be built, I would say 2000 years... come on I'm being generous..

    So what? Did Noah have slaves?

    Well, wouldn't that make Noah a bad guy? Which would contradict the reason God chose him to stay alive.. oh wait no, the Biblical God is OK with slavery, sorry.

    But how would a couple of families control thousands of slaves?

    Was Noah that rich to hire so many slave drivers?

    But still, even with the help of slaves that arch would take longer to build than a man could ever live.

    And what did these animals eat? There would need to be a huge amount of food for millions of animals to eat in a boat.. so just like that I made the arch much bigger which means, more time for it to be built.

    And who fed these millions of animals? How could a couple of families feed millions of animals?

    Even thousands of slaves couldn't, and if they had slaves in the boat... what happened to them?

    Did noah kill them after the flood? Did he kill the slave drivers too?


    And one more thing... A structure so big could never be built out of WOOD! It would collapse easily!!

    OK so now you and me know it's a lie OK!

    Have a good day.

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  • Don't forget the Kangaroos, Kiwis, Koalas and Tui that he magically got from Australia and New Zealand to the middle east, and then back again once the boat had crashed into a rock 40 days later, give or take a day because of the rotten diarrhea everyone on board would have suffered through

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  • 1 decade ago

    Jesus spoke in parables-and from what I can discern from using a Hebrew dictionary -it wasn't the whole earth. Now, about those animals... maybe there weren't as many in that area during that time..Personally, I would like to see it re-written, however, I think we miss the point of the flood story.

    The flood happened at a time when man lived up to 900+years of age. However, they weren't happy living this long, they were miserable-sad and unhappy-there thoughts and actions were evil. I have always thought that God gave them what they really wanted-REST-which also happens to be the meaning of Noah's name. Noah happened to be the only one in that area who was righteous and sought God-and wasn't miserable. If you get caught up in specifics-rather than seeking the underlying parable in these stories -then you want find the truth in them. Children love the Ark story and they don't seem to get half as caught up in the specifics as we do...:) In other words, the moral of the story is...if you can't enjoy life-you will be depressed -feel dead-overwhelmed-flooded by evil things.(Hebrew for 'flood of water' can mean deluge of violence, danger and transitory things.) and what you really need is to rest and enjoy life-build a boat and take a vacation. :) Just get some rest!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. I can't see how you couldflood the whole planet

    2- in order to accept the 2 of every unclean and 7 of every clean-a concept that dose not apear until latter in the Bible you would have to accept post flood evolution to account for bio-diversity but most who take the flood as literal have problems with Evolution to explain this

    3 could some one explain what a great flood would like like on the fosil and geologial record?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Okay! Great question!

    1) The entire world can be flooded, but that doesn't mean the whole Earth. This is because one's "world" is defined as "everything that one knows." If I say: "I'm going to mess your world up," and I'm in a threatening posture, it means I want to fight. But does that mean I'm really going to destroy the whole planet? Of course not! It's just everything that is known, not the entire planetary body.

    2) The story of Utnapishtim predates the Noah story by a great deal (some 2,000 years). But it is virtually identical in every way (excepting the language and names). Again, we look at the definition of "world" and we see that it's all of the animals in one geographic area.

    3) There is evidence to support it... if one looks. Current theories indicate that what is now the Black Sea may actually have been the site of the event, which was related orally and then passed down over generations... anyone who's played the "Chinese whispers" game knows how that works.

    The story itself teaches a true principle: that of preparedness for what one believes is coming. In that, it is "true" without having to be literal truth. The difference is a matter of perspective, not one of sanity.

    But yes, to relate it as historical fact as it appears in the First Book of Moses is to miss the point of the principles of the story... and to promote insanity by intolerance. Intolerance, much like what you are proposing in making your statements which are clearly intended to be inflammatory.

    Source(s): Clergy
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