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My colleague and I are thinking about a girl's getaway. I was thinking Martinique. Any suggetions?

I'd like suggestions either Martinique or where we could have a blast! I'm mid 30's, she early 40's. Want beaches and fun!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I do not think that Martinique is a bad choice! You may have to know French though, as it is their language, Creole is also spoken there.

    Martinique is for (beach) lovers. And foodies. And divers. And hikers. And, especially, Franco­philes. A marriage of Gallic culture and Caribbean customs, this overseas department of France is a sunnier, slightly less crowded version of the motherland. People looking for the more sophisticated pleasures, whether they be the kind you put on your plate or the kind you put on a credit card, will be happy to know that good food and the latest fashions aren’t optional here, but a mandatory fixture wherever visitors congregate - especially in its harbourside capital, Fort-de-France.

    You can also try the island of Barbados.

    Barbados is a beautiful island. Lots of lovely scenery and so much to do, morning noon and night. You can never get bored because there is something for every type of person to take part in. Barbados is also romatic. Activites for kids and older ones…you will not regret visiting! The island has great beaches and is wonderful for shopping too! In Barbados you can also swim with Turtles. Wonderful sandy beaches with clear blue waters.Why not make this your destination?

    See the link below for stuff to do in Barbados:

    I hope this answer helps, and whereever you decide to go..enjoy!

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