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How long will it be before the United States has Emperors for leaders instead of Presidents?

The way it's going now, it will be like Ancient Rome before too long. They will demand us to treat them as Gods!

Emperor Obama seems to believe that he has more authority than he truly does. I think we need to remind the Liberals who is really in charge! We The People are the true authority of this nation. Not the Feds. They just want us to think that way.

Currently, Uncle Sam just wants to gouge the American people of all their finances. Much like the gas companies do. Uncle Sam is the little brother! Not big brother. Big brother doesn't exist unless you consider the American people as big brother.

When they talk about scams, the Democratic party has had more scams than all other parties put together. The government claims to have the ultimate power, put that is far from the truth. The American people call the shots. We decide who gets elected. So if we get some left wing nutcase with a low IQ in office, it is our own fault! But even if the new socialist or communist leadership takes over, the American people have every right to dethrone them, and form a new government. And they could easily do it!

Right now, the government fears us. But if we keep electing this far left nut cases, then they will change the constitution, and we will have to fight a civil war to get our country back. Of course they would lose a war against the people. Just as the British lost the war in 1776.

This isn't Ancient Rome, or Europe! This is the United States! People will not stand for this nonsense much longer!


And if you don't believe that the government and gas companies gouge, then why do you suppose that the price of everything goes up during the summer months?

High demand? Of course it's high demand! They demand more money! But they certainly don't need it.

Update 2:

Scared? lol... No! I have no fear of government whatsoever.

Update 3:

We don't have to solve this problem with deadly force. But if the constitution was changed, and the US became a communist nation, then force would have to be used to defeat Washington. So in that case, I would say that the American people would have every right to destroy that government, and form a new one. Common sense should tell us to vote for the right people to keep this from happening!

Update 4:

In other words: You lack intellect.

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    If the next Presidential election is "too close to call", like it was in 2000, you can bet the Supreme Court will appoint the Republican, once again.

    The SCOTUS has already set the precedent of violating their own Constitutional authority in the case of Gore v. Bush. Given that the SCOTUS now believes they have the right to usurp States' rights to decide an election, and the majority of the Court is uber-conservative, the next "emperor" will surely be a Republican...appointed leader regardless of the expressed voting wishes of the public.

    In other words: FAIL!

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    As long as Americans continue to be armed I don't think this will happen. There will be a civil

    war first. Americans, despite our recent history of giving up our freedoms, still love freedom and at some point they will not tolerate any more interference from government. It is coming close to this now and you can see common sense, freedom loving Americans stepping up and saying enough is enough. These people are known as the silent majority but they are becoming vocal because they will only stay silent for so long. I wish we would implement term limits for all elected officials both on the federal and state levels to help keep politicians from becoming entrenched and powerful.

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    Does the president of the US (besides the fact that era) meet with the leaders of "cults" purely to honor them? regularly, no. Does the president of the US (besides the fact that era) meet with the leaders of countries to hold approximately peace? for all time- it is component to the activity description. Is there a distinction? heck definite! Does one have any baring on the different... not unavoidably. So what if he meets with leaders of countries we do in comparison to? the element is this is a grimy activity and somebody has to do it... and it is the president's activity. advance up.

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    The problem is not simple because we have allowed...and are still allowing these people to re-educate our children. Another generation and there will be no way left for the people to win.

    You are right that the people can change this...but it has to be done in many areas...and in many ways wherever we see corruption going on. One of our founders said that we would only remain free as long as we remained a country of laws and honesty. Corruption could steal our freedom, and right now you can really see that in action.

    Have been thinking about this because of the whole Health Care thing going on. If every patient in a hospital reviewed his hospital bill and refused to let the Insurances pay for false charges....the bills would start changing.

    If every patient would voluntarily offer "not to sue" ...before long malpractice charges would be a thing of the past....and they are a huge part of our medical costs.

    If every medical company was watched for any fraud and abuse, that we end up paying would soon stop. And we the people can do that well as in many other areas where we are

    being over charged. We have to make our leaders every area. We have to have recall elections. Has anyone talked about recalling Congressional leaders who refuse to represent them? It could probably be done.

    We have to start "testing" everyone who runs for office on where they stand on the Constitution....yes they take an oath to follow it....but do they believe it? And who are the Progressives in our Congress right now....we need to get them out of office! So yes...I agree with you....Power corrupts...and absolute power corrupts absolutely!

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    Dubya was the one who thought he was the chosen of god. The connies seem to think they are gods chosen people now. Only they know the will of god and are real Americans. Then they wonder why people think they are a joke.

    We the people elected Obama and the Libs because the connies were using the express lane to hell.

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    You're RIGHT we should bring back King George . Enough of this taking care of our own people , we should go back to invading other countries and spending trillions of dollars giving them free health care .

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    emperors were called emperors because Romans didnt like kings, even though they were pretty much the same thing

    ever wonder why we were one of the first countries to don the title "president"?

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    If we had gotten attacked on the level of 9/11 Boy George could have pulled it off.

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    Let me guess; this was one of the topics covered on today's Glenn Beck show, or maybe Rush covered it.

    Aren't you cons sick of being scared of your own shadows, or do you somehow find it enjoyable? Do you guys get off on being scared like rats by these conservative pundits?

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    A long time. America will have a "Mr. CEO" first.

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