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history of the united states by charles austin beard?

I would like to begin reading about US history. Is this a good resource? His bio say's something about feminism and union labor and i noticed one of the later chapters in vol 1 is about progressive democracy. Is this a slanted read or basic straightforward education in us history?

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    You mentioned "progressive democracy" that sounds like a liberal slant to me.Better off finding another book;-( Speaking of history, check out this fifty year old audio.It's scary, he could have made this speech yesterday and it would still be relevant.Pass it on;-0

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    Define slanted? If you want a "fair and balanced" read on U.S. history and politics, you COULD go get a Glenn Beck/Bill O'Reilly book or something, but they don't quite have the gravitas that Charles Austin Beard has...

    Here's why Charles Austin Beard matters to the discourse on U.S. history: He was a big supporter of the New Deal and progressive politics well before FDR's time...and back when basically white old men were writing history books, he suggested the heretical idea that the U.S. Constitution was basically a legal document designed to protect wealthy white businessmen...which on a basic level, it kinda started out that way, but several amendments and legal interpretations have corrected that and make it a little more nuianced now.

    Beard died before 1950, so he doesn't have the benefit of 50 years of Civil Rights struggles, The Vietnam/Gulf Wars, The Reagan Era, etc. under his belt. So having said that, you may want to take his writings with a grain of salt. There are plenty of other historians you could look at (Keegan, Doris Kearns-Goodwin, Ken Burns, David McCullough, John Yo, Paul Johnson, etc.)...only problem is that these authors tend to be very specific on their historic topics. Getting a good overview of U.S. history is deuce-difficult.

    Source(s): Ex-history teacher and general know-it-all on certain historic topics...but alas, not everything.
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