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what pitching staff would you recommend as my backup?

i have Seattle mariners as my everyday but out of the free agents what would be best

Los Angeles Angels

Milwaukee Brewers

Minnesota Twins

Florida Marlins

Texas Rangers

blue jays

Kansas City Royals

Washington Nationals

San Diego Padres

Baltimore Orioles

Pittsburgh Pirates

Cleveland Indians

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    You don't need one. The Mariners are amazing pitching-wise. Unless their entire staff gets injured (not gonna happen). and even if they do, their D-fence is good enough to make mediocre pitchers good (see: Jarrod Washburn).

    But if I had to choose I'd go w/ the Marlins. They play in a pitchers park, and they always seem to have legit young arms. Ditto Padres, but Marlins have more upside now

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  • 1 decade ago

    The Rangers have some good young pitchers! Its a hitters ballpark, but they did a great job last year for such a young rotation, and should only be getting better. Plus they have a lot of bats to back it up.

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