How have gender roles changed through time?

I'm doing a gender role project for english, and I would like to know how gender roles have changed through time. Here are the questions.

1. What were the roles of your parents when you grew up? (Who stayed home, who worked, etc.)

2. How were the household roles divided between you and your spouse? (What house work do you do?)

3. Were there certain rules or expectations for your gender growing up?

4. Were there jobs that only men/women could have?

5. With your current job, or any past jobs, were there any different treatments for one particular gender?

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  • 10 years ago
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    1.well it was only my single mother and she worked her ass off to raise four children

    2.haven't lived with anyone yet, just 16

    3.i needed to wear make up and pink and dresses. but i hated it with a passion.

    4.chores for my siblings and i meant we all had to clean the house, but my brother always had to dump the trash. also my mom always took on many jobs that went from office work to hard labor work.

    5.well i really haven't worked yet...just school

    hope my answers helped

    good luck :}

  • 3 years ago

    Gender roles have replaced dramatically. the only component is now gender roles are greater dissimilar. working example, a woman has greater gender roles than purely being a housewife, secretary, instructor etc. those roles are actually not frowned upon or seen as decrease, yet on the instant it somewhat is been shown that ladies individuals have greater selections than in the past. a woman would not purely must be what society makes her be, she would be in a position to realize and attempt for any purpose she needs now. Gender roles not define a individual because it somewhat is all they might ever be. a guy isn't the only one which has to convey homestead the bread, and the female isn't the only one which will improve babies. If we predict of roughly it on the actuality that it hasn't replaced in any respect, it is likewise actual with the aid of fact in case you think of roughly it Gender roles may be so uncomplicated as being a father or a mom or a brother or daughter. Gender roles have replaced for the greater effective, women and adult males individuals are not to any extent further constrained, and can seek for out danger without being bashed from society's social norms.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    1. Both my parents worked, but my dad worked full time and my mom worked part time since my siblings and I were so young. Now she works more hours.

    2. I'm not married or partnered. But in my home growing up my parents did everything evenly. Both my parents cook, do laundry, clean, do grocery shopping, etc.

    3. Yes. My dad is very much about boys not crying but he would often yell at me and my brother, then tell us to "man up" when we got upset.

    4. Not really, I was born in the 80s.

    5. Yes, I am a special education and music teacher. There are VERY few men in this field, and there needs to be. Male influences make a huge difference for autistic kids. As for the music, people tend to assume you are automatically gay because music is a "feminine" position. It is also harder for me to interact with my students because I'm male. Physical contact is sometimes needed with autistic kids, especially when you are talking to them. It is perfectly okay for a woman to do that but not a man. I am by no means touch a kid in a sexual manner, but on the shoulder or arm in order to make sure they know I'm talking to them.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    1. Both my parents worked.

    3. Not at all.

    4. Nope

    5. I haven't had a job.

    Note: Teaching gender roles should be illegal to teach, it just leads people to pick on those who are different.

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