I need famous Navajo Indians present day preferably please!!?

I'm doing a research paper and I have searched and only found a handful of people. Can anyone help me find people who are famous for their academics, athletic and public service/social justice contributions? PLEASE??? :)

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    Notable Navajo people

    Joe Kieyoomia, captured by the Imperial Japanese Army after the fall of the Philippines in 1942

    Dr. Fred Begay, Native American nuclear physicist and a Korean War Veteran.

    Jacoby Ellsbury, Boston Red Sox outfielder (Enrolled member of the Colorado River Indian Tribes)

    Notah Begay III, American professional golfer - Navajo and Pueblo tribes.

    Cory Witherill, first full-blooded Native American in NASCAR. *** Cory did not race in any NASCAR events, but was the first full-blooded Native American to race in the Indy 500, where he finished 19th out of the 33 car field in 2001. ***

    Notable Navajo politicians

    Leonard Tsosie, Navajo Tribal Councilman (Whitehorse/Torreon//Pueblo Pintado) / Fmr. State Senator - District 22, New Mexico Senate

    Annie Dodge Wauneka, Former Navajo Tribal Councilwoman

    Edward T. Begaye, Fmr. Navajo Nation Speaker (Churchrock/Baahali)

    Annie Deschiney, Fmr. Navajo Nation Councilwoman (Churchrock/Baahaali)

    Peter MacDonald, Former Navajo Tribal Chairman

    Ernest Nez Sr., Fmr. Navajo Nation Council Delegate (St. Michaels)

    Albert E. Ross, Jr., Fmr. Navajo Nation Council Delegate, Fmr. Chapter President (St. Michaels)

    Rapheal Martin, Pinedale Chapter President

    Kenneth Maryboy (Aneth/Red Mesa/Mexican Water), helped initiate the Navajo Santa Program for poverty stricken Navajo families

    Joe Shirley, Jr., President of the Navajo Nation

    Shawnevan Dale, President of Wide Ruins Chapter (2004-2007) Elected at age 24. Fought for rights of Navajos and against Racial Profiling of Navajos by Arizona Department of Public Safety.

    [edit] Musicians and media artists

    Klee Benally, documentary filmmaker

    Kaibah Bennett, Navajo Nation soloist

    Blackfire, Navajo punk rock group

    Radmilla Cody, renowned traditional singer

    William Morgan, Sr., linguist, author of Navajo dictionaries

    R. Carlos Nakai, Native American flutist

    Navajo Nation Swingers and the Navajo Song N' Dance Group

    Dan Jim Nez, Navajo soloist

    Jay Tavare, actor

    Malachi Thistle, singer

    Joe Tohonnie Jr., singer

    James and Ernie, comic duo

    Sharon Burch, Singer

    Reggie Micheal, martial artist

    Notable Navajo visual artists

    Navajo sandpainting, circa 1900R. C. Gorman, painter and printmaker

    Hosteen Klah, weaver and co-founder of the Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian

    Clara Nezbah Sherman, weaver

    Tommy Singer, silversmith and jeweler

    Shonto Begay, painter

    Emmi Whitehorse, painter

    Melanie Yazzie, printmaker

    [edit] Navajo writers

    Irvin Morris, author and lecturer

    Luci Tapahonso, poet and lecturer

    Elizabeth Woody, author, educator, and environmentalist

    Sherwin Bitsui, author and poet http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Navajo_Nation#Notable... -------------------- Notable Navajo artists, dancers, and musicians

    Ryan Singer, Navajo painterOrville Tsinnie, silversmith/goldsmith

    Atsidi Sani, silversmith

    Raven Chacon, composer

    Hosteen Klah, weaver

    R.C. Gorman, painter

    Yazzie Johnson, jeweler

    Gerald Nailor, Sr., painter

    R. Carlos Nakai, musician

    Clara Sherman, weaver

    Tommy Singer, silversmith

    Jock Soto, ballet dancer

    Douglas Spotted Eagle, musician

    Emmi Whitehorse, painter

    Melanie Yazzie, printmaker

    Blackfire, rock band

    James and Ernie, comic duo

    Reggie Mitchell, martial artist

    James Bilagody, Comedian, Song Writer, Recording Artist http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Navajo_people#Notable... Famous Navajos http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=200610... http://answers.google.com/answers/threadview/id/27...

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