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What are some fun theme ideas for a middle school dance?

I'm trying to think of some theme ideas for a middle school dance? Nothing formal just some fun.

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    Try These:

    70's Disco (everybody wears big colorful wigs and flashy dresses and suits)

    A Day In The Country (plays country music and everybody wears a cowboy hat)

    Circus ( clowns, people dressed up as animals, acrobats)

    Valentines Day (pink and red)

    Kindergarten Day (people dress as little kids)

    Hip Hop ( DJ scratches records, people dress in dark colors etc.)

    Hope I helped!! Please no criticism!

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    If the dances are at different times, you shouldn't have the problem of older kids not coming. (I know because I'm in high school). Also, if sixth graders think older kids aren't coming because they think it's lame, they may do the same. Tip: Ask students. Ask all grades, and see what they think.

  • 10 years ago

    like the 70s disco

  • 10 years ago

    Latina style (like you can have mexican food and play latina beat music, have folks dance the Salsa and tango)


    Mardi Gras (ghetto masquerade)

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  • 10 years ago

    mabey a beach theme would be kinda cool.

    or mabey a disco theme

    dance theme LOL :)

    IDK, just have fun with it and get grooveeee!!

    have fun!!

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