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Top 10 MMA fighters of all time?

What's your top 10 guys?

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    Hello my friend. Again this isn't a sport that I as knowledgeable about even though I like it and have watched some great fights and fighters from time to time when I get the chance. So this is my top 10 sir:

    1. Fedor Emilianenko

    2. Anderson Silva

    3. George St Pierre

    4. Royce Gracie

    5. Dan Henderson

    6. Chuck Lidell

    7. Randy Coulture

    8. BJ Penn

    9. Quintan Jacksdon

    10. Brock Lesnar

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  • Susan
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    4 years ago

    Well, first Fedor never fought Randy but I'm sure you didn't mean to list his name right? And no way should Arlovski or Sylvia be anywhere on a top 10 list. Top 10 1) Fedor 2) Frank Mir 3) Brock Lesnar 4) Nog 5) Barnett 6) Shane Carwin 7) Randy 8) Cain Velasquez 9) Brett Rogers 10) Alistair Overeem

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1) Bas Rutten

    2) Fedor Emelianenko

    3) Anderson Silva

    4) Rampage Jackson

    5) Chuck Liddell

    6) Shogun Rua

    7) Forrest Griffin

    8) GSP

    9) Thiago Alves

    10) Randy Couture

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. St. Pierre

    2. A. Silva

    3. Liddell

    4. Penn

    5. Fedor

    6. Couture

    7. Machida

    8. Gomi

    9. Q. Jackson

    10. R. Franklin

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No Particular Order





    Anderson Silva



    BJ Penn

    Rickson Gracie

    Wanderlei Silva

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  • 1 decade ago

    10. Tito Ortiz-Amazing ground and pound

    9. Lyoto Machida- Have you ever seen someone with karate fight like this?

    8. Matt Hughes- Some might argue best off all time, amazing wrestling and descent striking.

    7 BJ Penn- Amazing ground game, and flexibility, good striking.

    6. Chuck Liddel-Amazing Striking

    5.Randy Couture.-Heart, You see a middle aged man fight like that.

    4.Fedor-Don't know who he is look him up amazing striking.

    3. Royce Gracie- Amazing grappler probably the best of all time at grappling.

    2. George St.Pierre-Amazing wrestling, and standup fighting.

    1. Anderson Silva-Everything about him is Amazing.

    Source(s): Watch mma for a long time trust me i know my mma.
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  • Gerald
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    1 decade ago

    Not in order, just my top ten:


    Mark Coleman



    Cro Cop



    Bass Rutten


    Wanderlie Silva

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    dont have 10 fav but got couple




    JOnes BONES jones

    Wanderlei Silva

    Shogun MAricio

    Anderson Silva

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  • 1 decade ago

    1.anderson silva


    3.royce gracie

    4.chuck liddell

    5.randy couture

    6.bj penn

    7.lyoto machida

    8.matt hughes

    9.fedor emilianenko

    10.dan henderson

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Not in order

    -frank mir



    -randy couture

    -brock lesnar


    thats my only favourites

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