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mw2 Challenge Lobby???

I would like to get invited to one of these.. I will pay them 1600 microsoft points. But..I need to get into the lobby first to make sure it's ligit. I promise i will not scam them. I swear to god i will not. I will pay you. Invite me GT; DADDYS MiSTaKex

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    1) download the toolbar (its not a virus, it just pays me each time you download it, its free for you)

    2) go onto the chat, and dont spam, or post stupid stuff, or pose as admin, ask the admin for a lobby to be run (Drunk Mods is his name), if there is enough people then he will , if there isnt, tell your friends to join the chat aswell.

    3) Have fun being 10 Prestige, or all challenges done.

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    You know, people like me are hired to ban people like you?

    It's wrong, stupid, and a waste of money. Play the game for what is meant to do. You sound like a cool kid and all, but don't make me tell others... Call me a fag all you want but it's my job.

    P.S. If you still do attempt to do this, you will be banned for 2 weeks, no more, no less.

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