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what free music sharing download is the safest?

when i mean free music sharing download i mean like software such as limewire or mp3 rocket or morpheus. and for security all i have is a free AVG 9.0

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    None. See the risks of file-sharing technology at:


    Look at http://searchformusic.eu.pn/

    It simultaneously searches more than 80 free, safe, legal music sites!

    For whole albums, add the word "rapidshare" to your search.


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    1. go to youtube and search the song your looking for (try to find one with high quality sound)

    2. open new tab and download realplayerSP (Beta) and version 11. http://www.real.com/

    3. now this should enable you to download any flash video, refresh youtube and click the download icon that appears in the video box

    4. once complete convert it to an mp3, then your done!

    if any questions feel free to email me.

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    Ive used alot ofother in the past and found there are alot of viruses in them. But for a long while know Ive been using Ares and never had and problems, with the exception that some operating systems wont let it connect sometimes. but its good and free


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    NONE OF THEM. You need to be sure to download songs larger than 2000 KB or 2.0MB, under than that most of the time is infected files.

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    None of them. Free music sharing is illegal.

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    try tuneget, the software is not free but you can get a demo version.

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    i use limewire and i dont have any viruses

    the key is to watch what you are downloading because thats where you will most likely get viruses

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    10 years ago


    A totally legal, safe, free and easy to use website! - Just read terms of site. =)

  • i tunes

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