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ATI Radeon HD 3750 Mass Effect 2?

I know it says that this card is under minimum, but i tried installing the game anyways. It ran great throughout the first level, no lag, glitches, anything. But now i'm at freedoms progress and when i run into that first group of mechs my laptop locksup and requires me to re boot it to exit the game. anyone have any known solutions for me? And just so you know my system specs (other than the card) are well over minimum.

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    hi mate

    this sounds like more of a game issue and nothing to do with your laptops graphic processor,,,if there was a problem with the radeon 3750 then the game wouldnt run at all...and since it stops at a specific part of the game this sounds like it requires a patch or update from the game website

    one of the big problems when gaming on a laptop is cooling,and since most laptops have just a single vent that cools the cpu this is not the easiest task .. however cooling stands are a good solution and you can get them for less than £10,for example the "CiT Notebook Cooler Black with 2 x 8cm Fans"( ) is a excellent cooling solution and for just £8.23 inc VAT this represents excellent value

    and allthough laptops were primarily designed for use with the battery i would use it plugged in when will be amazed how much power is used during demanding tasks such as gaming and burning disks... the average laptop battery will only last for around 45 minutes on battery..

    you can download the "mass effect 2" patches/updates from ( 1.01 PC Patch ) > this has fixed several issues with the game and these include :

    * Fixed video hitching and crashes related to single core machines.

    * Single core users may experience short periods of black screen that may last up a few seconds between level loads, cinematic transitions or movies.

    * In rare cases, some single core users may notice dialog lines in certain conversations may be delayed up to a few seconds.

    * Fixed an issue where it appears ammunition can be picked up, but can't.

    * Fixed an issue where all Codex entries were marked as 'viewed', even if the player chose not to view them.

    * Fixed an issue where weapon icons are re-organized after downloadable content is used.

    * Fixed an issue where pressing F9 after the mission completion screen reset Shepard to Level 1.

    * Fixed an issue where remapping the right mouse button blocks camera control in the command HUD.

    * Fixed an issue where remapping the 'use' command affects the decryption minigame.

    * Fixed an issue where users were not prompted to restart when logging in to a different EA Online account.

    * Fixed an issue where movies do not play in DLC.

    * It is recommended that players reset their keyboard mapping to default values to ensure proper vehicle control.

    * Added useful messaging during the ME1 save game import.

    * Weapon icon for henchmen never changes from Collector Assault Rifle.

    * Czech language - Issues with Czech localization (subtitles) were amended, all text was corrected and improved.

    * Fixed an issue where the Mass Effect 2 launcher was being associated with files that have no extension.

    * Fixed an issue where uninstalling the game under Windows Vista or Windows 7 might uninstall Mass Effect 1.

    i hope this helps,any problems let me know

    good luck mate !

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    I began out with Mass end result two and LOVED it. I instantly went to ME3 and used to be lovely disenchanted as all of my favourite characters have been rarely concerned. It is STILL valued at gambling subsequent even though for those who romanced Tali or Garrus, and if you're inclined to get the accelerated reduce DLC (that is loose) and the Citadel DLC (which isn't loose however critically improves your enjoy) Honestly, it is valued at giving a check out it doesn't matter what, however my first play via I struggled to get into it considering the fact that one, Thane, my LI used to be unavailable to me and there have been plenty of characters I nonetheless discover lovely needless like Samantha Traynor taking the location of exact well characters. I could play it subsequent for those who discover your self connecting with it even though. I, myself, obtained bored within the center and purchased ME1. However, I did return to ME3 earlier than beating ME1 and completed it. I relatively just like the tale of ME1 however the recreation mechanics are irritating. If I have been you, because you began with ME2, I'd check out ME3 first and for those who simply are not able to get via it, then check out ME1. I do not suppose ME3 is utterly dangerous and it does have its amusing facets, however there are factors why you might not be equipped to hook up with it. Many persons dislike it for the finishing. I'd haven't any challenge with the finishing, had the sport been specific earlier. Good good fortune and feature amusing!! It is a first-rate trilogy

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