Is Latin America a perfect example of how interracial marriages / breeding only divides Blacks?

Here is a previous post from LexDiamondz (A Black Latino) answering about why Blacks in Latin America hide their Black ancestry

"In the United States, having any known Black ancestry completely shut you out from being considered White and being accepted among Whites. So mixed-race Blacks took refuge and found support and even rose to positions of power among the Black community. W.E.B. DuBois, Frederick Douglass and even Malcolm X were all mixed-race.

In Latin America, having Black blood didn't necesarily shut you out from White society. It closed ALOT of doors for you, yes, but unlike the United States, Whites were never a majority in most of Latin America. Because of this, in order for the Europeans to maintain control over the masses they allowed some mixed people of lighter complexion and straighter hair to be "honorary whites" (women in particular). They were allowed to socialise and sometimes even marry Whites, and this gave them a STRONG incentive to disassociate themselves with Blacks and Natives. Because of this, anyone with any drop of White blood automatically thinks non-Black or non-Native even if the majority of their ancestry is Black or Native or Both. There's a stigma against being associated with anything non-White because to be as White as possible is an aspiration of many Latinos, sad to say. This is also part of the reason why, despite the OBVIOUS discrimination against non-Whites in Latin America, and despite the OBVIOUS coloured majority in Latin America, there's never been a Civil Rights movement there.

That's part of the reason why, when Colin Powell and Obama came onto the political scene, MANY Latinos refused to acknowledge them as being Black in the beginning. People of their complexion and facial features wouldn't be considered Black in most of Latin America, and the fact that they were seen as Black was a direct threat to their own racial identities as well. If someone with a White mother is still Black here, then what does that make a person whose last blanquito in their bloodline was 3 generations ago?

Also, despite the fact that most Latinos actually BORN in Latin America have never used the term Hispanic before coming to the United States, they've embraced it because of it's racial ambiguity and it allows them to run from their Black and Indian ancestry. By claiming Hispanic, many Latinos in the United States manage to avoid admitting to society and to themselves that they are not White, but have Black and Native blood. Even when they added a mixed-race option on the census in 2000, many Latinos still chose "some other race" rather than checking "black and white" or "native american and white" on the census, while 65% simply checked White.

Its sad how far my people will go to delude themselves. Nowhere near 65% of Hispanics come close to looking White, and no Spanish-speaking nations besides Argentina, Uruguay and Spain itself.

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    I do not see why everyone cannot just have their own race, be happy with it, do the best they can with what they have and respect each other. What difference does the color of one's skin make anyway? I had a great-grandmother who was evidently Asian because I have oriental blood type. Her name was never put into the Bible I have except for "Mrs." Asa Hall (my grandfather coming directly from England). I suppose there were not a lot of white women here at that time in the 1800's, or else he married her because he loved her. Anyway, everyone is a mixture of something. I have Irish, German, English, and Asian. I look white and have blue eyes and a small build like Asian women have. No one is lily white.

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    Absolutely. There isn't any documented hindrance with doing so instead of being socially ostracized. Let me ask you anything although-what are you? Irish? Norwegian? German? Are you happy with your ancestry? If so, do you recognize that no race is "natural"? You see, I could guess out of your earlier questions and solutions that you're towards it, however at a few factor you iced up an identification in time. You made up our minds to have delight in a few manifestation of a race that during all possibility is particularly up to date. Those that keep onto their race are pitiful, for they keep onto the skin and no longer the middle. All races are the influence of intermixing and breeding, as are all languages and to an quantity, even religions. People transfer they usually take their ideals, language and of path, genes with them. There isn't any preventing it and combating towards it is going to most effective result in distress. "The much less justified a person is in claiming excellence for his possess self, the extra able he's to assert all excellence for his country, his faith, his race or his holy purpose." -Eric Hoffer, from "The True Believer, Thoughts at the Nature of Mass Movements" Be happy with WHO you're, no longer WHAT you're and you'll be able to start to recognize. -------------------- affraidknot- Unfortunately racism will not ever finish although all races coalesce right into a unmarried one. The actual hassle is not such a lot race, it is a have to divide ourselves and fix ourselves to an identification external ourselves. Race is effectively probably the most obvious manifestation of a change among 2 folks. In brief, the want to belong is the perpetrator. Those who do not or can not reap search that fulfillment by means of fading away right into a institution. In doing so nobody can factor out their inadequacy, for they're however an additional thread in a tapestry.

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    It’s unfortunate but like you said that disassociation was needed for survival back then. That's not the case so much anymore. Those obstacles still might be in place but plenty of people overcome them everyday. It shouldn't be used as an excuse for failure OR hate.

  • LOL, this shyt is crazy but sadly true Latin America. Its funny how you said in the beginning of the paragraph that since there weren't many whites in Latin America that mixed-raced people could be 'honorary whites' LOL

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    guuurllll dat nothin wrong wiff inter-racial dating, the papa of ma last was asian or white, i dat no, I hads too much to drink da nite

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    and blacks in the states have so much self hate; i like how they try their hardest to disassociate themselves from AFRICA

    they seem to be so worried about issues concerning latinos but never their own ::yawn::

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    When I saw your avatar, I instantly thought of Seraphim... Now I want one. Yeah, I know it's swagga-jacking...

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    Nice avatar!

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    I agree.

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