I refilled the ink for my lexmark printer and now it won't print properly. how do i fix this?

it's a z705 lexmark and we have had it for a couple of years now. When it prints it comes out really light as if the ink is running out but that can't be the case because I just refilled it. I got it refilled at walmart. This was my first time getting my ink refilled instead of buying it new.

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    There are one of two things happening here. If the print is streaky then the print head is clogged. You will need to run a couple print head cleanings.

    If the ink is just coming out very light, but still a solid print.. they have soaked the cartridge and not drawn out the excess water or use an improper ink.

    Run a couple print head cleanings to flush out any water.

    If running a few print head cleanings doesn't improve the situation, take it back.

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    i also have a lexmark. i refill my cartridges. try removing the cartridge, place the cartridge in a small ash tray, now put some regular rubbing alcohol in the ash tray till it's just above the bottom of the cartridge, let it stay there for a couple of minutes, you should see the ink colors starting to run out of the cartridge into the alcohol. take lift the cartridge out, use a paper towel to blot the bottom of the cartridge, PRESS the towel onto the bottom, if you see all three colors place the cartridge back into the printer. when you remove a cartridge from those printers and put it back in the computer always asks you if you have removed a cartridge and is the one you putting back in a new one or an old one, tell the computer it's new. all that does is reset the ink levels of the cartridges. it uses that info to tell you that the ink is getting low.

    if that doesn't work, put the machine in the print mode but don't print, like for the maintenance sign for the printer then click on the cleaning mode. do that several times if needed. if that doesn't work try the deep cleaning method. when those cartridges get old the foam rubber inside dries out and even though you just refiled it if the sponges are dried out it may not work. be persistent and keep trying to clean the heads. that does usually does work. good luck to ya.

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    It does sound clogged. To try to get it unclogged, try:

    1. Fold about 2 feet of bathroom tissue together 3 times into a square about 21/2 inches wide, and place in disposable container (like stryo cup). S lo w l y poor hot boiling water over tissue till saturated, and place cartridge on in it until it covers the bottom of the cartridge. Press down as needed to make sure bottom is in the water. Leave for about 10 minutes.

    Gently pat cart dry with tissue, and place in printer and test. It is best o make a fully black test page. (If you have a Word pro, go to Format?Background and choose black.

    2. If that does not fix it, go to Start>Settings>Printers, and right click on the printer you are using, and choose properties, and look for the option to clean cartridges.

    The future:

    1. When cartridges are used up, seal the bottom with tape and place in airtight bag until ready to refill.

    2. To save more money, (pray and) price bulk ink and use that and a syringe (you can buy basting syringes at some kitchen good sections in stores) to refill. You will need to heat up a paper clip till red hot and melt a hole in the front the cartridge.

    Note: modern carts can only be filled in one half, as that is how they make their money after selling low cost printers.

    Been refilling my old Z-32 for years, using bulk ink (about 1.50 per refill), praise the Lord

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    well it is good to know someone else is having the same problem i am having, i dont mean to sound like i am happy about your trouble.but i was beginning to think it was just me not thinking i am doing something right i have the same (lexmark 1185) so maybe it is a malfunction with the printer, i keep replacing the ink thinking was dried up but that is not the case cause i just a new one and it is still doing the same thing.if you find out anything please let me know. i know exactly what you are going through.

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    avoid refilling,

    The expensive part of an ink cartridge is not the ink.

    Its the piece of Chip that comes with it.

    It's more economical to buy NEW compatible ink than refilling

    most cartridges only let you fill up to twice before it fails

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    Did you reset the cartridge? Or it could be the heads have dried ink in them!

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    The ink nozzles on your disposable cartridges may be clogged. You can try cleaning them a few ways.


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    Printer manufacturer's don't recommend refilling. If your printer was new and still under warranty, you would have voided the warranty by refilling it

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