Groom's father is a judge- how do I refer to him in program?

He said he doesn't care how's he referred to in the program, title or not- but I want to do whats right. Do I say "The Honorable John and Kathleen Smith"? Because I want to put their names, not just "The Honorable & Mrs. Smith."

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  • 10 years ago
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    The preference in etiquette would be, "The Honorable Judge John and Mrs. Kathleen Smith" or you may put and Kathleen Smith as you have shown above. If he mentions that he isn't bothered either way by how he is listed only that he is listed, then no worries he doesn't seem to be uptight to get offended by it. But it is extremely refreshing that you are so concerned with the proper listing of him and his title. If it is for the invitation then it would be alright even as Mr. and Mrs. John Smith since in this particular event they are serving as the groom's parents. If you need to ask the groom himself and see if he would be able to tell you what he and the bride would prefer for referencing his father that way no one is upset or offended by the title or lack of for the groom's father.

    Good Luck on this one!

    Source(s): self and proper etiquette classes
  • 10 years ago

    I would use formal titles out of respect because you do not want to insult someone.

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