Vampire Book Title Poll!!!!?

Tainted Pages



The Blood Chronicles

The book is from the point of view of Mia Calvaruso, the high school misfit. She has dreams at night of being a vampire, and blah blah blah. But, you know how most books (twilight, the vampire diaries, etc.) have the main person not know about vampires, but then find out? Well, Mia was already brought into the world of vampire just a year ago when she met Glen. He kidnapped her, and, well, can't go into that yet, but now it is the present time, and she has aquired more powers, but a strange man has appeared out of nowhere when Mia is in trouble. His name is Milo, but as Mia senses him, pure anger burns through his veins, and its directed at her.

Brady, Mia's boyfriend, has some startiling news the night of a full moon. Instead of goign with Hana (Brady's twin) to the occult club meeting, He forces her into the one place she wants to go least of all, the cemetary, where his transformatipon makes sparks fly, and hearts entwine. For the moment.

Hana is Mia's best friend. Though, she is hiding her feeligns for Mia, for the sake of their relationship, and her brothers too. Mia knows that Hana is bi, but doesn't have the slightestn feelignt the feeligs hana has for her. Its a rollercoaster.

Though, everyone in the occult club can read minds, and telepathically talk, they can put their blocks up on their minds, Mia can't. leaving her vulnerable to predators of the night, and afraid for her life.

Every one is hanging in the balance.

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    I like both Tainted Pages and Bittersweet. I'm leaning a bit more towards Bittersweet, though. I don't really like Sway and I wouldn't use The Blood Chronicles because it just sounds too gruesome for a book title that isn't really a horror (as far as I can tell).

    I hope this helps :D

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    10 years ago

    Tainted Pages!

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    haha sounds awsome :D you still doing that eye colour thing/ no of swirls for their personality/age and stuff??? i thought that was a really cool idea.

    and umm...i like tainted pages and bittersweet...bittersweet is better i think. lol. good luck hunni!

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