Amazoness Swords Woman Vs. Amazoness Swords Woman?

Which player would take the battle damage if an Amazoness Swords Woman with 2500 attack points attacked an Amazoness Swords Woman with 0 attack points?

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  • 10 years ago
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    I think the most likely answer would be that the two card would cancel each other out since it would just create an infinite loop. Thus, the stronger Swords Woman would damage the controller of the weaker Swords Woman.

    Example of cards that "cancel" each other out:

    Bad Reaction To Simochi vs. Prime Material Dragon

    Bad Reaction would make any LP gain an opponent takes into damage. Prime Material Dragon would convert effect damage onto its controller into LP gain. In short, they would cancel each other out if on opposite sides (I heal 1000 LP, your "Bad Reaction" converts that into effect damage, my Prime Material Dragon converts that to LP gain, your "Bad Reaction" again converts that into damage, etc.) Because of this loop and how they just cancel each other out, they simply do just that regarding rulings (a card that heals, will heal... a card that damages, will damage).

    Or you can reason it out as, since it's an infinite loop, each card gets to activate their effect once to prevent the loop from going..

    Swordswoman (2500 ATK) attacks Swordswoman (0 ATK)

    2500 ATK deals 2500 Battle Damage

    0 ATK activates and moves Battle Damage over to 2500 ATK's controller

    2500 ATK activates and moves Battle Damage over to 0 ATK's controller

    0 ATK's controller takes the damage.

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