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Harry Potter Question: How do you feel when you watch the Harry Potter movies....?

And you see all the changes they make? And how different they are from the books?

I feel angry. And I feel sorry (in a way) for the people that haven't read the books. Because though they might be able to follow the story, they are missing so much that I think is important.

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    I feel infuriated - and, yeah, I do pity those who refuse to read the books.

    The films are a wreck, especially the more recent ones. They are very, very evidently not doing their best to portray the books - about 55% of the plot is missing, the rest is altered; almost all the characters are out of character, the younger actors are talentless - the movies feel almost like an abomination of the books.

    Incredibly lazy portrayals. It beats me how somebody could understand the story by watching the film: in fact, they probably don't. Wait, I KNOW they don't. The characterisation is appalling. In my opinion, the only persons whose portrayal holds a candle to the characters are Alan Rickman, Maggie Smith, Richard Harris and Helena Bonham Carter. Everybody is simplified and the depth is taken right out of them. And though this is shallower and wouldn't much count, it does matter in the case of Harry Potter - appearance. What's it going to be like when Snape looks into Lily's 'blue' eyes as he dies? There, that's the symbolism taken right out of it. And all because Daniel Radcliffe dislikes contacts. And remember Voldemort's blue eyes?

    As well as that, such amazing characters are virtually left out. It seems like Hermione's the main character, not Harry. And Ron is totally neglected (which is frustrating because Rupert Grint is the only one of the three who can somewhat do their character right.) It enrages me especially when Hermione gets a line that's originally Ron's.

    But the plot (or should I say lack of?) gets to me the most.

    It's changed, altered and twisted so much that I can barely call it Harry Potter anymore. There are countless concepts and scenes that are vital, yet have been excluded.

    And what's done with the time? Out of character scenes which are beside the point (say, Harry and the waitress in Half-Blood Prince), and montages of the cheesiest special effects (think renovating Slughorn's house.)

    -AND WHAT WAS UP WITH BURNING DOWN THE BURROW? If it was to display how endangered the Wizarding World is by Voldemort, it was done totally the wrong way. First of all, the Order's protection on the house could never have been evaded so easily, and then they have to think about resurrecting it. The Weasleys have neither the time and certainly not the money in those circumstances, so it's going to make no sense if/when it magically reappears with a pop in time for Bill and Fleur's wedding... Wait - who's Bill? And why's he getting married to Fleur? Oh, and who exactly was Fleur again? That there, is again, an example of something entirely unexplained.

    They cannot say, 'it's too complex', or 'too fantastical' to get right. Of course, no portrayal would be exactly right, and I doubt anybody would want it exactly right because that would be their imagination wasted - but they can do far better than the way they're going about it.

    It's not impossible. Peter Jackson did it, didn't he? From all that, I just get the feeling that the filmmakers don't care as long as the cash keeps rolling in...

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    I used to feel angry too, but I quickly learnt that that's the least enjoyable way of watching any book-turned-film. Because I'm a big fan of the books, it still gets on my nerves when I think about all the characters, sub-plots and interesting details they miss out in the movies, but I've come to accept that the books are a separate thing from the films. Though they all go under the name of Harry Potter and follow the same storyline, it's reached the point when I simply watch the films for the entertainment value and seeing the graphic imagery come to life in the medium of film.

    Both the books and movies are enjoyable in their own ways, but I think the key to being happy looking at either is to accept that two-and-a-bit hours can never do justice to an entire book, and that there's always the books to go back to if you're feeling cheated in any way.

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    i feel sorry for the people who haven't read the books as well. there are so many details that i enjoy in the books that we don't get to see in the films. but of course if they included every single detail we would have a 5 or 6 hour movie. but, i would be willing to watch it!

    and i was kind of disappointed in the 6th movie because the death eaters burn down the Burrow. WHERE ARE BILL AND FLEUR GOING TO HAVE THEIR WEDDING?!

    and when Ginny hides the potions book in the ROR, how will harry find Ravenclaw's diadem if he had his eyes closed?

    GAH! i hope the writers know what they're doing....

    Source(s): fan of the HP series.
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  • the reason why movies cant come upto the level of books is that for a movie, the end product after

    all the technicalities and constriants would not or just cant reach to the level of our imagination while we read a book.

    converting our imagination into flatscreen is not an easy thing.

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    I feel like there's something missing (which there is) because they leave out so much

    For example, in the 6th movie, they leave out the entire battle at Hogwarts!!!!

    I think they should have made the movies longer because, every detail builds on itself.

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    i like some harry potter movies but not all ...............half blood prince is good and Prisioner of askaban is also good ...........axept them all are like gay so i feel good in this movie otherwise i feel to say teri maa ki chut

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    dont watch them. im over the age of 12! :|

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    The movie is just so childish .......

  • 1 decade ago

    my nipples get hard!! ;))

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