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puppy worm infection?

i got my puppy three days ago, hes been fine and today i took him to the vet just to get registered and he got the deworming medicine. then later on he threw up. i got really worried and he threw up on newspaper so i threw it in the garage. i was kinda freaking out and really worried cuz when i took him out of his crate hed just walk outside and lay down on the carpet, very inactive. then he vomited again on his blanket, and one visible worm came out. i was REALLY freaking out now, vets office is closed and i dont know what to he going to continue to throw up? vet told me to get a poop sample but shud i still do that even though he vomited the medicine? my puppy is 9 weeks old and is half german shepherd half siberian husky. PLEASE HELP

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    Just about every dog on the planet is infested with worms to some degree. If they stay at low levels, your dog can build up immunity to them. But if the infestation reaches a certain point, worms can cause anemia, lethargy, poor appetite, and even death. Fortunately, almost all worms can be detected by a vet and treated with medication.

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    The worm medicine is a TOXIN. My foster just went into liver failure this weekend from the vet giving him 2 many meds in a short period of time, he was also given 2 doses of dewormer (Droncit & Drontal.) Wait it out and make sure he has fresh water. Keep an eye on him but stay calm, I am sure that he will be ok. Remember that puppies are babies and have sensitive stomachs and you just made him ingest a toxin!

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    I've never had a puppy do this after worming. If this was my puppy, I'd be on the phone to an emergency clinic (in the UK, all vets have to have a back-up number for the hours they are closed). They will probably want to see your puppy, and it will be costly, but if he's only 9 weeks, I'd be in there.

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    by utilising all skill in case you experience uncertain pass forward and supply the vet a decision, they ought to have the skill to ease your suggestions over the telephone. the midsection look after plus includes pyrantal which kills around worms and hook worms. in the journey that your canine is finding greater useful and much less bloated she is on the ultimate track. I worked at a health center for 3 years so I even have seen this alot. that's not uncommon to poop them out or throw them up. by utilising all skill you are able to continually supply your dr. a rapid call.

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  • i understand how you feel.

    i would be freaking the hell out right now too.

    but i think you should google "ANIMAL HOSPITAL 'your city here'" and look for a number and call and ask. those places are usually open 24/7.

    i'm not asking you to take him but that would probably be best.

    but if you can't, then i think calling and asking a vet from an animal hospital would be best.

    calling to ask a question is free.

    just ask if it's unusual for a puppy to throw up a worm after being dewormed...and they should tell you if it's normal or not.

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