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What book should I read?

You should help me find a new book to read, here are most of my favorite books/series

13 reasons why

My not so horrible time at the hippie hotel


The boyfriend list

House of night series

Immortals series


The girl who owned a city


The lovely bones






Yeah yeah, I know, I should include authors but im too lazy to..

Anyway Please help :l


Ty :P

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    supernatural love:

    the vampire diaires seres, l.j smith/ vampires

    the secret circle series, l.j smith/ witches

    wings, aprillyn pike/ fairies

    vampire acadamy series, racheal mead/ vampire

    city of bones series, cassanda claire/ supernatural

    daughters of the moon series, lynne ewing/ supernatural

    wicked lovely series, melissa marr/ faries

    vampire kisses, ellen schreiper/ vampire

    evermore series, alyson noel/ supernatural

    shiver series, maggie stiefvater/ fairies

    night world series, l.j smith/ vampires

    fallen, lauren kate,/ fallen angel

    hush hush, becca fitzpatrick/ fallen angel

    south beach series, alex dural/ vampire

    if your into romance:

    nick and noras infinite playlist, Rachel Cohn & David Levithan

    black beauty, anne sewell

    princess diaires, meg cobat

    the last song, nicholas sparks

    the time travelers wife, audry niffenegger

    perfect by you, elizabeth scout

    kissing kate, lauren myracle

    forever, judy blume

    wicked, gergory maguire

    dreamland, sarah dessen

    last chance, lisa keaton

    ps, i love you, cecelia ahern

    two way street, lauren barnholt

    when it happens, susan colasanti

    7 deadly sins (series), robin wasserman

    LA candy (series), lauren conrad

    someone like you, sarah dessen

    don't think twice, ruth pennebaker

    the wedding, nicholas sparks

    this is what i want to tell you, heather duffy-stone

    sandpiper (series), virginia lee burton

    gossip girl (series), cecliy von ziegesar

    a list (series), zoey dean

    three little words, alyson rhodes

    30 guys in 30 days, micol ostow

    sweethearts, sara zarr

    story of a girl, sara zarr

    oh baby!, helene tragos

    skinny-dipping the au pairs, melissa de la cruz

    summer share:shoes and shirts not required, todd strasser

    summer boys, haily abbott

    summer sisters, judy blome

    caribbean cruising, racheal hawthorne

    truth or dairy, catherine clark

    a mothers gift, pamela k. wiggins

    this lullaby, sarah dessen

    the last summer (of you and me), ann brashares

    crank (series), ellen hopkins

    burned, ellen hopkins

    impulse, ellen hopkins

    honeymoon, james patterson

    pretty little liars (series), sara shepard

    painting caitlyn, kimerly joy peters

    the things we do for love, kristin hannah

    identical, ellen hopkins

    after, fracine prose

    hold still, nina lacour

    if i stay, gayle forman

    before i die, jenny downham

    everything beautiful, simmone howell

    something like fate,

    the year I turned 16,

    take me there,

    tan lines, jj salem

    leftovers, laura wiess

    dancing naked, shelly hrdlitschka

    jumping off swings, jo knowles

    such a pretty girl, laura wiess

    lessons from a dead girl, jo knowles

    how it ends, laura wiess

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    Blue Bloods Series by Melissa dela Cruz

    Evernight Series by Claudia Gray

    Night World Series by LJ Smith

    Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

    Fallen by Lauren Kate

    Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

    Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (best book ever)

    Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare (shadowhunters)

    Soul Screamers by Rachel Vincent (banshee like girl)

    Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan (demigods)

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    TWIILIGHT!! *evil laugh*

    Nah, I dont really like twilight, so hope you can take a joke *clutches jaw in pain/horror*

    -City of Bones Series

    -Vampire Beach series

    -Strange Angel series


    Hope you're a girl, coz I got all this books from one those type of girls who scream if you say twilight and can see a tiny Edward Cullen badge from a mile away (I know coz I actually tried it-which turned out to be a complete mistake because I ended up basically flattened with her sitting on me pinning the badge onto her chest).

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    Veronika Decides to Die by Paulo Coelho

    Candy by Kevin Brooks

    Before I Die by Jenny Downham

    The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

    Grace by Richard Paul Evans

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    Read "Haunted" by Chuck Palahniuk, you'll be thoroughly entertained I guarantee it. Also its not a ghost story book or whatever as the title might suggest.

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    I suggest anything but Laura and Tom McNeal, or by Sarah Dessen.

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    Try reading Charles Bukowski

    anything by him will either repulse you, or make you laugh till you pee

    personally to me he is a hero

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