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Why are liberals so silent when women make up rapes to get out of trouble?

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If I recall, the same shrill feminist whores who were demanding the heads of the Duke lacrosse players said nothing when it turned out Crystal Mangum was a liar. Never any apologies from the feminists, the Group of 88, Mike Nifong, Duke University leadership, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Nation of Islam, Selena Roberts, Keith Olbermann, Nancy Grace, the Democratic Party, or any other fascist leftist who smeared those lacrosse players for a rape that never happened.

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    Well, of course they didn't apologize; racists like that never apologize, and assume that being a member of a minority makes one free to do anything, and if you call them on it, they will call you a racist. Rather twisted, eh?

    She didn't make it up to get out of trouble, but to throw more fuel on the fire, and create yet another "black victim". Same as that idiot that got arrested for being so belligerent to the cops, when they were investigating a supposed break-in, that Obama then chewed the COPS out for. These days, to some people, being black means you can do no wrong. Worst form of racism ever. Note, I said SOME, and I know many that do NOT feel that way, and have no respect for those that do (including a very cool YouTube friend - A, you know who you are!).

    Besides, the feminists don't care about false accusations; all they care about is making men out to be evil. The most oppressed group these days is white males.

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    The woman who cried rape has so much to do with politics.

    It makes total sense that you would blame that on Liberals.

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    Why are you equating "feminists" with "liberals"? Are you incapable of keeping more than one category in your head at a time?

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    If a woman, any woman, files false rape charges she should be prosecuted no matter her political affiliation.`

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