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Linny asked in Pregnancy & ParentingAdoption · 10 years ago

Has anyone here joined an ancestry type group that required very strict "lineage documentation"?

or even a DNA test to prove your heritage? Such as The Mayflower Society or another group of that type?

I know for most adoptees without an OBC, it would be next to impossible to do this. But with the new ancestry type DNA tests, it is now a possibility. Just curious as to whether anyone has joined one of these societies, or is thinking of joining one, assuming you have been able to trace your ancestors back far enough.

Its funny, but my N Dad always said I should join The Daughters of The Republic of Texas, but I always laughed at him because I did not have my OBC. His name is not on it anyway, lol, and besides, I had never even set foot in Texas until I found him.....but now that some of these groups are allowing DNA tests as proof, I may just do it....just because I can, teehee.

Conversely, my A Mom & A Grandfather were very involved with "The Sons of Italy", and "The Untied Italian Society" while I was growing up. I was not permitted to be a board member because I was not Italian by blood, but was able to be an "honorary but limited member". I guess Im sort of excited to finally be able to belong to an ancestry group.


Carol- you are correct. Most groups use the Y DNA tests (male) to determine the haplogroup, but a few are starting to use the mtDNA.

My N Dad and I will be doing a test at the end of the month, so that will determine which Scottish Clan he belongs to. We have it narrowed down to 2, but one Clan is paternal, the other maternal.

Im not sure about the DRT needing or using DNA for membership, but The Daughters of The Revolution do not accept DNA results as of this time.

Also, most groups, even DNA surname/mtDNA based groups will accept results from most testing companies, so repeat testing is not necessary.

Erin- I just assumed I was Irish, which I am almost 100% on my n Mom's side, but Im surprised I dont play the bagpipes and wear a kilt after researching my N Dad's side, lol. Needless to say, Ive been on a Scottish kick lately. Just watched "Braveheart" for the FIRST time, lol.

Mindi- I know exactly how you feel.

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  • Willow
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    10 years ago
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    I would like to get my card for being Cherokee, but good luck w/o and OBC. My fmom's family took their last name from the name of the the reservation they left (Left the Qualla res in NC; called themselves Qualls) My mother's uncle lived and died on the res. My sister goes and dances at powwows (she was raised by her dad but never adopted by her stepmom) But I am screwed!!!

    I am not sure if the tribes are even accepting DNA results right now. I hope someday they do. It isn't even that I want any of the benefits, tho I am entitled, I just want to belong because it is who I am.

    I remember being so thrilled when I found out I was Native American. I always cheered for the indians in the old coyboy and indian movies and decorated my house in a Native theme, oh and got a Native tatooo all before I knew.

    Source(s): another indian screwed outta my birthright by the white man's government
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    Linny, I don't know how an organization such as Daughters of the Republic of Texas works as far as what you have to produce to join; but I am very involved with genealogical research including the DNA research project for my surname.

    Through research the past 8 yrs on the internet, I have connected to a group of about 15 of us who have traced that we are related to the same family from a particular area of Sussex Co. England. Only two of us are in the US, the others Australia, CA and of course England. We even have a Facebook page where we research our family to go further back.

    But, in order to do that for ancestry purposes, it's necessary to have the DNA submitted be from a male family member who carries the surname. Even though I've taken back my maiden surname since divorce, it can't be from me, nor can it be from the son of a female family member who married and has a different family name - so for my branch I had my brother do the swab test to submit the DNA.

    I know this isn't what you're asking for, but thought I'd share my own DNA testing experience.

    I don't know that they would require DNA evidence to join a group such as Daughters of Tx. , but the testing done for ancestry purposes is to track members to a particular family group. I can't see why that would be necessary for you, especially if your N Dad recommends that you join. Why would you even have to mention that you don't have an OBC in this case?

    I would think if necessary, just regular DNA testing to prove parentage would work if necessary. Here's info about both DNA and parentage blood testing. Why wouldn't something like this work if required?

    You could always contact them and ask what their requirements are. Let us know, I'm really curious.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I haven't, but my bdad is from a relatively small Scottish clan, and I've been trying to decide what to do about getting involved with such things.

    It was the whole finding out I'm half Scottish that came as the biggest shock to me out of all this discovery stuff - not because I've got anything against the Scottish, just that it had never factored into my idea of who I am.

    Source(s): Abandoned early 1973. Reunited late 2009.
  • Erika
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    3 years ago

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