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Are all the recent earthquakes a sign the world will end in 2012?

I was discussing this with a friend, how Hatti gets hit then a couple weeks later a quake 800 times more power-full hits Chile. What do you think?

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    What I think is that earthquakes of similar magnitude happen somewhere in the world two or three times a year on average. I also think that there were several one year back about 40 years ago. I also think that these things bring out the religious and woo-woo ratbags spouting superstitious drivel about the end of the world. We have phrases for people like that in this country and some of the phrases cannot be written here, but for example "damn liars" might be used in polite company..

    Just what supposed effect from the things predicted for 2012 are causing these earthquakes more than two years early? What is the physical connection?

    There is no factual evidence of such a thing anytime in 2012. Everything these people say, and I really do mean everything is wrong or a deliberate lie. These stories exist to make money from selling books of superstition and pseudo-science, and by the by, sell useless "survival goods". Or to promote some dubious personal ideas, such as founding religious cults.

    There is no Mayan prophecy. They had a count of days which runs by "baktuns" and a baktun is 144,000 days. Their 13th baktun will reach 144,000 and the count will start at 1 on the 14th baktun the next day. The only inscription that may be associated with this is damaged but says that something will descend into something else. They also say that one of their kings will be remembered in 4772 by our count, so they did not expect an end of the world.

    There is no planet X or Nibiru, if these were due in 2012 they would already be visible without needing a big telescope. If the fakes can take blurry photographs of it with standard cameras, why can't we see the thing with binoculars or a $500 telescope from a hobby shop? Why can't thousands of amateur astronomers on every continent see it?

    The planets cannot and will not line up and it would not matter if they did. The orbits of the planets are tilted slightly in relation to each other so it can't happen. Every few dozen years the five visible planets will almost form up in a line and be visible in a small patch of the sky. Nothing happens. This will not happen in 2012, the next time will be in September 2040. The frauds and woo-woos will be out for that. Remember, you saw it here first.

    There are several different versions of the lies about the galactic line up. only one is nearly true and it happens every year around 18 December. it's about 6 degrees out and was closest in 1998. What happened? Nothing.

    Big solar flares are not expected. Solar activity is expected to peak in March-April 2013 but it could be earlier or later. The Sun is not entirely predictable but it does have a cycle that runs about 11 years. Solar flares do not reach the Earth, but they do affect us. So called solar storms can affect power transmission here, mainly if the power grids are under strain already. Power companies are aware of this and design their equipment to minimise trouble. So do the operators of communications satellites and telephone systems.

    The geographic poles cannot reverse since they are stabilised by the Moon's gravity. The amount of force needed to move them would destroy the planet. There is no known source of such a force.

    Magnetic pole reversals take thousands of years to happen and before they start, the Earth's magnetic field gets a lot weaker. It is getting weaker at the moment, but it is still far stronger than it has been before previous reversals. The Earth's magnetic field is also much stronger than that of the Sun and far, far stronger than that of the galaxy so anything magnetic that happens in the galaxy or the Sun does not affect the Earth.


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    Earthquakes are a sign that the earth is dynamic and evolving. When earthquakes stop happening then start to worry.

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    I have no idea. But I did read that the Chile earthquake screwed up the earths axis and now we'll have shorter days. I think it's just to scare us so we'll be good.

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    Maybe it's going to end a lot sooner than 2012????

    Hey, someone just told me that I'm going to hell, so I am just thinking out the worst case scenario all the time now.

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  • well you can read into it whatever you will. I think it just means that the earth is going through a time of change when earthquakes are common

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    Not yet..i would say within 3 billion years

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    No it is just a coincendence and these types of things cannot be helped

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    Yes, However if it does happen. Miley Cyrus will be gone *** well.

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    No, earthquakes are normal.

  • Yes very well, its the END of earth, its DOOMSDAY. . .The end is coming nobody wil survive, everybody wil die, its last day is coming near

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