What is something you save for or do only on special occasions?

Q2: What are these special occasions, and do you have them often?


Oh, of course, doll, go for it *pinch* :)

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    I don't think there is anything I "save" for special occasions. If it's within my doing, I'll do it!

    A2: Maybe I have special occasions often? Haha

    btw, would it be possible to borrow your *pinch* thing if I don't abuse it?

    I just think it's so cute! :D

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    have a big family party

    Q2: We do it a lot and we like to move it around from family to family so we each get a chance to host and each get to try and show each other up with something special and then we all bring something but the hostess or host does the meat or entree we have a big and and happy family! The cars take up blocks and people ride together.

  • When I go somewhere like a very special occasion that is like a"wear your dress" type of thing I like to dress up in a neon green dirty t-shirt with sweats and walk around with a snobby voice.

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    Redcorn save in closet the large leaf for our dining room table... We only take this out for special occassions...

    Q2: Special occassions are... when we invite friends over for dinner, Holiday Dinners (Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter).. Family Birthday Dinners, or for when our cubs have many friends over for a dinner of their own...

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    1 decade ago

    We save for a family vacation, that we go on each summer.

    Q2~ We just have fun with each other...at once a year we take a big trip.

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    I like to dress up as a ghost on christmas and on halloween i put my stalking up

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    When I can afford them, I go to Matinee

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    1 decade ago

    using my fine china,

    holidays and anniversary

  • 1 decade ago

    Lingerie lol :)

    I'm sure you can guess ~ not often enough :)

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