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Important black history event in month of January ?

my ela teacher paired us with people and each group has to come with important things that marked black historyy . My month is January and i have to find events / or important things from January 1 - January 31 year dont matter and like for every day we gotta have something that happnd that has to do with Black History thingg . I REALLYYY NEEEDDD THIISSS PLEEAAASSSEEEE HELPPP !!!!!!! : )

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    January 1 Kwanzaa Ends

    Emancipation Proclamation 1863

    African Benevolent Society (Education) 1808

    Haiti Independence Act 1804

    New Year's Day

    January 2 William Lloyd Garrison began publishing _The Liberator_,

    Abolitionist newspaper, in Boston Mass 1831

    John Hope Franklin, historian, born 1915

    January 3 William Tucker, first Black child born in America, baptized

    in Jamestown 1624

    January 4 The first Black baseball league, National ***** Baseball

    League, organized 1920

    January 5 George Washington Carver, scientist, died (1864 - 1943)

    January 6

    January 7 W.B. Purvis patented the fountain pen 1890

    Marian Anderson, first Black person to appear in

    Metropolitan Opera in Verdi's Masked Ball 1955

    January 8 Fannie M. Jackson, pioneer and educator, first Black woman

    college graduate in US born (1836 - 1913)

    January 9

    January 10 James Varicick, first A.M.E. Zion Bishop, born 1768

    Edward Brooke, Mass. Senator takes office 1967

    Lincoln declared Blcks should be educated in D.C.

    January 11

    January 12 Congressional Black Caucus organized in 1971

    Mordecai W Johnson, educator, born (1890 - 1976)

    January 13 Convention of the Colored National Labor Union, the first

    Black labor convention, 1869

    January 14 John Oliver Killens, novelist, born 1916

    Ernest Just, a Black biologist, served as V.P. of American

    Zoologists, 1930

    [My mom, Jacqueline Isbell, born this date]

    January 15 Martin Luther King, Jr., civil rights leader, born, 1929 -


    January 16 Lucius D. Amerson sworn in as first Black sheriff of the

    South in the 20th century (Macon County, Ala.)

    January 17 Paul Cuffee, merchant, shipbuilder and Black nationalist,

    born 1759

    January 18 Dr Daniel H. William performed first successful open hear

    operation, born 1856

    Robert C. Weaver became first Black presidential cabinet

    member when sworn in as Secretary of Housing and Urban

    Affairs, 1966 (Johnson Administration)

    January 19

    January 20 W.R. Pettiford, Founder of Alabama Penny Savings Bank, born


    January 21 Martin Luther King Jr. holiday

    Freedom Journal, first Black paper 1827

    January 22 Nat Turner born 1800

    January 23 Dr. Daniel Hale Williams founded Provident Hospital in

    Chicago, 1889

    Paul Robeson, athlete, lawyer, singer, died in Philadelphia


    January 24 Martin Delaney, ethnologist, died 1812-1885

    Jackie Robinson, first Black elected to the Baseball Hall

    of Fame, 1962

    January 25 Sojourner Truth addressed the first Black Women's Rights

    Convention, Akron Ohio, 1851

    January 26 54th Regiment (Black) infantry formed 1863

    Executive Order 9981, to end segregation in US Armed Forces

    signed by President Harry Truman, 1948

    January 27

    January 28 John Brown organized raid on Arsenal at Harper's Ferry,


    Philadelphia's Free Africa Society organized, 1787

    January 29 Francis L. Cardoza elected State Treasurer of South

    Carolina, 1872

    January 30 William Wells Brown published first Black drama, "Leap to

    Freedom" 1858

    January 31

    Here's 80% of your homework. Be sure to credit the people who compiled the list.

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