replacing tps sensor on 88 cutlass ciera?

then i noticed the idle air control vavle was defective,replaced both,now the car bucks and backfires taking off from stop,im bobbled as to what other sensor can be wrong,the car was computer diag to be a bad tps,can a crank sensor do this

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  • 1 decade ago
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    yes also the crank sensor will also keep it from starting, now did the mechanic install this tps for you ,and when it was installed was a ohm meter used to adjust the tps to the proper ohm 's,the reason i am asking this I would think that if the tps wasn't adjusted correctly then it is not gonna perform right, but hey I am no longer working on vehicles so maybe you should check in to this a little bit farther and get a second opinion, but it makes sense because all these sensors are monitored through the computer,and i do remember a few tps sensors that i installed had to be calibrated with my snap-on scanner and if I remember correctly the ohm's were around 8 ohm's

  • 4 years ago

    Down by harmonic balancer

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