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TES Nexus file upload help?

Ok i made a mod that i would like to share with the world! YAY! and i have 3 questions...

1) How can i take pics in-game?

2) Where is the file located, i need to upload it

3)Should i allow user uploaded pics?

Plz help me!


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    Taking Screenshots in Oblivion is a rather more-than-usually complicated endeavor. To do so however, can be done in just a few simple steps:

    1) Go to your Oblivion folder found in Documents. This is -not- the Oblivion Base folder where the game was installed. The default path for the Oblivion documents folder is:

    "C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\My Games\Oblivion\"

    2) Once there, open the file named: "Oblivion.ini" using Notepad or a similar word processor.

    3) Use Find ([Ctrl] + [F]) to search for: "bAllowScreenShot"

    4) Once you have found the line "bAllowScreenshot", change its value to "1".

    From this:


    To this:


    5) Save the now edited "Oblivion.ini" file, and exit.

    You can now take Screenshots in Oblivion by pressing your Print Screen [Prt Scr] key. The screenshots will be saved in your Oblivion base folder (where you installed the game).

    Default path:

    "C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion"

    The screenshots will be .BMP files, and will be named "Oblivion###.bmp" where '###' represent numbers listing the order the screenshots were taken.

    Having said that however, there are certain methods of adding polish to your screenshots, which will be explained next:

    1) When ready to take a screenshot in-game, open the console by pressing your Tilde key [~].

    2) Input the following command: "tm"

    This will hide your HUD (Heads Up Display), leaving you with a screen rendering only the game world.

    3) Press your Print Screen key [Prt Scr] to take a screenshot.

    4) Open the console with [~] once your screenshot has been taken. Input the command "tm" again. Your HUD will reappear.

    Now you have taken a pro-style screenshot! You will find it in your Oblivion base folder as with all screenshots.

    I hope this has helped you in taking screenshots--good luck with modding, and good adventuring to you!

    Source(s): - Experience in using advanced functions offered by Oblivion (PC)
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